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Many people would like to start trading CD or DVD bootlegs, but when they browse online trading sites, they are often confronted with statements such as:

"I only trade for other shows."
"I don't sell bootlegs. Don't ask me about it."
"NO MP3 based bootlegs!"
"Do not buy bootlegs in stores. If you do, you're stupid."

This can be pretty frustrating for someone who is new to the art of bootleg trading, and sometimes it makes people feel that bootleg traders like to keep among themselves.
However, some have opened up their collections for newbies by offering 2:1 trades. This means, for every CD or DVD you'd like to trade for, you send two empty CD-Rs to the trader (i.e. a 2-CD shows costs you 4 CD-Rs). It's a great way to start a bootleg collection, and with time, you can begin "real" trading.
However, browsing some trading sites, I have often found sites on which the owner stated: "I do not do 2:1s (anymore)". This can also be very frustrating. Fortunately, however, a member of this board named darthrya, was kind enough to post a link to a list of 2:1 traders. This list has now been pinned with this thread, so anybody who wants to start bootleg trading will not have many difficulties anymore.

The list can be found here.

Thanks, darthrya, and Happy trading! [img src=\"style_emoticons/[#EMO_DIR#]/smile.gif\" style=\"vertical-align:middle\" emoid=\":)\" border=\"0\" alt=\"smile.gif\" /]


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Cheers Perun! [img src=\"style_emoticons/[#EMO_DIR#]/biggrin.gif\" style=\"vertical-align:middle\" emoid=\":D\" border=\"0\" alt=\"biggrin.gif\" /]


If anyone wants to be added to the list, or if anyone needs to change their info, or if you know someone who is no longer trading and needs to be taken off the list, let me know.


I also do 2:1 trades . I've got about 200 shows for trade ( lossless and mp3 ) . If interested in trading ask for my list .


Automaton Sovietico
Raising the topic out of the mud, but i have some good info for new traders and people who want to get into bootlegging.

- Can i download stuff from internet for free without postal trading and such?

Yes. There are DC++ servers that are dedicated to bootlegs only, such as the Iron Maiden Bootleg Hub (, and torrent trackers such as dimeadozen. Fair trade is encouraged here. You don't have to pay anything to register for DC++ server, and you don't have to share anything initially. But, when you download a certain bootleg, it's nice to put it in your DC++ share. Recently, the Maiden bootleg hub went completely lossless.

- What's lossless?

MP3 coding and DivX video coding are lossy format, among others. They are way lighter in file size, but they are of less quality than original, because the part of audio information is disgarded in the process of encoding. Lossless coding comes in form of formats such as FLAC, where each file is around 7-8 times larger than it's average MP3 coded counterpart. But, there's no sound quality loss.

- I don't have broadband internet connection, or i have a low bandwitdh limit. Can i receive bootlegs from traders without trading anything?

It depends from trader to trader. Some traders are doing business only if you have something they want. Others will do 2:1 trades already mentioned in this topic. Some will send you a copy of the bootleg just like that, if you're a new trader. For the price of empty media and shipment cost. For instance, Clive from offered to send me a video bootleg of Spectrum show for $20, and that price includes empty DVD plus intercontinental shipment cost. Inform yourself and visit a number of trading sites, you'll find some nice offers for sure.

- I just received a bootleg, it sounds like my grandma recorded the show on the chinese dictaphone from outside the venue!

Bootlegs vary in quality much. Everything is about the source, equipment used, era...check all available info about the bootleg. The Iron Maiden Commentary is a great source if you are looking for a quality of the particular Maiden bootleg.

Hope this very brief FAQ helps.