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So I finally looked into this Cameo site I’d heard a few things about, and it‘s kind of a neat idea. Personalized video messages from willing artists who set their price based on how much they think they’re worth. It’s interesting to see the range of prices people are charging.

Some examples:
There are some actors and comedians on there as well. And based on the sample videos, some people do it better than others.

No one Iron Maiden related that I could see. But the sub-$50 options might be something I’d consider as a gift for a friend or family member who was a fan of the person.

Has anyone bought one of these before? If so, how did it turn out?
I wouldn't pay for any of this shit as it's too expensive and I really don't have money to throw around.

But let's assume I do have unlimited money supply.

I would get K.K. Downing to record "It is what it is, you know". I would also like to hear Bruce Dickinson say "I don't think we'll play Alexander The Great live" and Nicko to say "I hope you're wrong". Also, Bruce to say "Flying, book tours, Iron Maiden, solo career - in that order", inspired by this from Gareth Bale.
Portnoy's price is more modest than I'd expected. Bach's is silly. I think up to $30 is fair as a special gift to someone who is a really big fan of the band or artist in question.
Some of these are interesting cause they actually end up getting posted to YouTube and usually contain interesting answers because, naturally, the fans ask questions that pro interviewers don’t often. Jordan Rudess, for example, confirmed that liquid tension experiment was due for a reunion when asked on cameo. Portnoy does a ton of these too. Dunno about other rock stars. I don’t think it’s a bad idea, although I’d never pay for it personally.
Of course I'm limited - you know, family budget, wife as a supervisor and so on - but I can't help but wonder...

- Mikael admitting that he can't write growl-less heavy songs like Face of Melinda or A Fair Judgement simply because he ran out of riffs, so he's trying to achieve some "serious Camel credit".

- Cristina Scabbia just being there in the message, so I don't actually listen to their music anymore, as it tortures me

- Bruce admitting his lyrics are all just from dripping acid

- Joey DeMaio (or many black metal musicians, in fact) actually breaking character, giggling and admitting it's all just a great put-on and having a laugh about it

- Tommy Karevik admitting he actually hunted, killed and ate Khan
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Imagine if this were real