Arterial Hemorrhage

Kynisk Sokol

Ancient Mariner
Here's a one man band from Newgrounds, this is how he describes it:

"It's a mix of death metal, grind, metalcore, hardcore, deathcore and mathcore. I like to call it...'millcore'.

Arterial Hemorrhage is officially the first millcore band EVER, and is soon to be the band holding claim to the DUMBEST BREAKDOWN EVER."

Check it out, it's quite fun. :D


Insect of Terror
Staff member
Mathcore? What is that? Some sort of music derived from calculus? :blink:

As for on earth does this kind of music (ahem) have anything to do with mills? Abstract reference to Don Quixote? :huh:

Anyway, it was quite a fun listen. There was this section on the song Millcore where I thought it was my stomach gurgling until I realized those noises were the vocals.  :blush: