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Anyone heard their new album "Rise Of The Tyrant"?

Bought it yesterday and I must say it's one of the best (maybe THE best?) new albums I purchased this year! No fillers!

Full of cool riffs and drums and not to forget: melodic guitar lines and many solos! People who like Maiden should really take a listen. The vocals are not clean, I know, but perhaps the music could win you over!

Recent (and informative!) interviews: ... 1&lang=eng

e-card plus video teaser of "Revolution Begins": ... thetyrant/

Myspace with new track "Blood On Your Hands"


I've heard it. My first Arch Enemy album, and I really liked it. I was expecting stereotypical Melo-Death, but the guitar lines and the singing won me over. Angela Gossow has a unique voice, it really makes the songs more interesting. The lyrics are pretty average, but the music makes up for it.  :yey:


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In my opinion 9 out of 11 tracks are very, very good. "The Last Enemy" is really a killer of a song!  :ok:


Ancient Mariner
Does anyone know Armageddon, the band by ex-Arch Enemy member Christopher Amott?

Dark and heavy shit. If you ask me, the bass drum is loud (over the top) in the mix, but there's captivating melodic guitar work!
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There's a real mix of stuff there. Fugitive Dust aside, it sounds like dark and heavy shit with a sprinkling of Dragonforce. Interesting, though, will have to listen further.

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I listened to the whole album and it's pretty good. Guitar solos are top notch, but that's to be expected from Chris Amott :)


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Shoot me for saying this, but I really do like both those tracks. I purchased the album based on that and, well, I'm not disappointed. Yes, I do like the Gossow stuff as well (possibly more so) but I have to hand credit to their new singer, she pulls it off.