Any 'The Final Frontier' songs in your Maiden top ten list?

Crimson Idol

The Man Who Would be King
When the Wild Wind Blows

May drift about, I don't "rate" or otherwise sort songs too often, I can do a loose rankings but then I start going on more than a snap decision of "Do I prefer to listen to song x or y?" and it all goes out of shape.


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Wild Wind and Starblind.
Might be time to revisit that list though.


If I was going to make a list, Starblind and The Talisman would be up there without a doubt. Starblind is #1. Isle of Avalon is also great, but maybe not top 10. I don't connect with the lyrics as much in that one.


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I think coming home and where the wind blows are the top two from that album

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Honestly, I don't think so. The only ones that would even come close would be Talisman and Wild Wind. I love Starblind's lyrics but the music doesn't change enough to hold my interest.