An interview with Eddie!!!


I’m planning to open up an artisanal bakery with the woman from the first Black Sabbath album cover. We’ve known each other for years. She’s very quiet, private, you know, but a lovely personality.

Goddamn, that's funny stuff. :lol:


Oh, mate, I don’t pay attention to the music. I just hang out in the backstage waiting for my cue. I tried listening a few times, but bloody hell, some of those songs are long. “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” — Christ, I could put that on, go out on a date, and get home just in time for the final chorus!

Lol'd at that one.  :bigsmile:


Kind of ironic considering the Eddie Trunk/Janick thread that was just brought back from the dead...
Six, actually. You’re forgetting guitarist Janick Gers. He’s been in the band since 1990.

Oh, yeah, that fella. You know, I don’t even think his guitar’s plugged in. Always bounding about the stage, twirling in circles. The first couple of tours with him on board, I thought he was some kind of hired acrobat, frankly. Well, to answer your question — no, no, we get along great. I really missed Bruce and Adrian when they were gone and was glad when they came back.