Alternate cut


Ancient Mariner
Just as a mental exercise, I've been thinking about trying to make an "alternate cut" of this album, AKA change some songs to see what might have been.
The easiest problem to fix right off the bat is to include Virus as the second song, and replace TAATG with it's single version. I thought about removing it altogether but I think it's an integral part of the album (bad as it might be).
Another option is to add the three songs that were cut from the previous album: Judgement day, Justice of the peace and I live my way. I think that the overall quality of the album would go up if they were included, but that might not be the "Maiden way". Are there any other songs from the VXI sessions that might work?
Virtual XI is an album that I don't hate and actually like but don't care for. I don't know if that makes any sense? Its an album that I think had potential to be a good album, as good as Dance of Death atleast but It doesn't completley deliver. To get into it , starting off with production: the production isn't the worse, it actually has an alright sound but my main problem is the production with the gutiars, at many times they sound so lifeless and flat that it's kinda sucks because there are some good musical sections on this record but the production just drains the life from the instruments.The Kevin Shirley produced Maiden albums sound way better than Niel Green's production. Another problem is that some of the songs seem unfinished, or to put it "less refined"