Alternate Album Titles

Black Wizard

Pleb Hunter
  1. (Can't change it, the band's name fits very well)
  2. Purgatory
  3. The Prisoner
  4. Revelations, or Still Life
  5. (Can't change this one either. Powerslave is just about perfect)
  6. Sea of Madness, or Heaven Can Wait
  7. (Pretty much anything here could serve as an album title)
  8. Tailgunner
  9. From Here To Eternity
  10. The Edge of Darkness
  11. Futureal
  12. Dream of Mirrors, or Out of the Silent Planet
  13. (Another one I can't change)
  14. The Legacy
  15. Starblind, or The Talisman
  16. If Eternity Should Fail, or The Great Unknown
Bloody hell, was this hard.
Good job resurrecting a thread which died two-and-a-half years ago.


1. Running Free (even though Iron Maiden is fitting too)
2. Purgatory
3. Children of the Damned is the only other one that could fit the theme
4. Revelations
5. Powerslave is a perfect name and a perfect theme
6. I guess Wasted Years, that has a strong feeling of time too
7. The Clairvoyant or something completely different like Ice and Fire or idk
8. Run Silent Run Deep (there’s no strong theme to fit)
9. Fear of the Dark seems perfect
10. Sign of the Cross
11. Futureal
12. Ghost of the Navigator (kinda fits the cover too)
13. Dance of Death is about right
14. These Colours Don’t Run
15. Starblind
16. I think the Book of Souls makes for a great theme

Black Bart

Ancient Mariner
1. "You're talking to me?"
2. "Let me go, I let the red light on!"
3. "How far can you stretch your legs?"
4. "Shut the fucking door!"
5. "Like my new condo or what?"
6. "Man, you shouldn't have scared me from behind!"
7. "I feel like I've forgotten something..."
8. "Go park your trailer elsewhere!"
9. "It's the last time I go and get your frisbee"
10. "Are you sure I will feel better afterwards?"
11. "The game is on, son. England won't win in your game either anyway"
12. "Now, let's see what the lemmings are doing"
13. "Let's hope nobody recognizes me"
14. "Me and my cannon and the boys"
15. "Can't find a spoon, let's try this"
16. "Topless in South America"


Educated Fool
1. Iron Maiden(perfect debut title)
3.Children of the Damned
4.To Tame a Land
5. Aces High
6.Wasted Years
7.Infinite Dreams
8.Bring your Daughter to the Slaughter
9. Be Quick or be Dead
10. don't care
11. don't care
12. Blood Brothers
13.Dance of Death
14. Different World
15. The Final Frontier
16.The Great Unknown
In my opinion the eponymous album titles are record names first and song aliases secondly. Not named after a tune, at least I tread them that way.

Although: "A Matter of Life and Death is the band's fourth studio record not to share its name with a song, following Piece of Mind, The X Factor and Virtual XI. Drummer Nicko McBrain and guitarist Janick Gers claim that the band originally intended to name the album after one of its tracks, with both "The Pilgrim" (terrible) and "The Legacy" (meh) being considered. According to Gers, "sometimes a title will just leap out at you as the obvious choice, but it didn't this time for some reason", so the band decided on A Matter of Life and Death, which, according to McBrain, was amongst "two or three ideas which we were kicking around"."


And if you have to choose a hymn term for AMOLAD it would be nothing more than For the Greater Good of God.
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Black Wizard

Pleb Hunter
'The Legacy' is a very generic album title anyway. Testament already have an album with that name, and a quick search on Spotify tells me that there are more than ten other albums called '(The) Legacy'.
Brave New World is a dope name for an album and describes the reunion era perfectly along with the cover art. The problem is that it's not an ultimate standout track in my point of view.

On the contrary, Blood Brothers is and characterizes that period's atmosphere just as well if not better. Go adjusting the headline then go editing the artwork right away.

Not like I would make changes to any of the record titles, they are fine as they are. The whole concept of this speculation is beyond the comprehension of mine.
Ok, I changed my mind a little bit.
Since there are:

Man on the Edge
The Man of Sorrows
The Man Who Would Be King
The Evil That Men Do
The Wicker Man
The Talis(man)

Fear of the Dark should be called "The Man Who Walks Alone".

Has anybody even though about that? That would make a brilliant title both the song and the album. Currently, when the line "Fear of the Dark" is repeated more than enough it looses its meaning.

Same goes actually to Brave New World which I could call "Dying Swans". It gives a more unique touch to the track and the record.

Black Bart

Ancient Mariner
I'm not sure it would fit the song (or the album) all that well, but what a great title it would be! Certainly very unique.
1. Law...or Not
2. Wratchild
3. Damnation
4. Dread
5. Power and Glory
6. Sands of Time
7. The Prophecy
8. Tailgunner
9. Graveyard
10. Lifleless
11. Decay
12. Rebirth
13. Macabre
14. Battlefield
15. Theory of Life
16. Civillization Collapse
1. Iron Maiden
2. Maiden 2: Electric Boogaloo
3. Jerry Falwell's Worst Freakin' Nightmare
4. Rieces Pieces of Mind (product placement $$)
5. Rime, not Rhyme
6. Salvador Dali meets Robocop
7. A REALLY Hard Album to Pronounce If You Have a Lisp
8. About to Fall Off the Cliff...
9. ...and We're Off
10. Some Guy Not Named Bruce
11. STILL Some Guy Not Named Bruce
12. Hooray, Bruce is Back
13. Prance of Death
14. War, what Is It Good For? (Absolutely nothing. Except for WW2. And a few others.)
15. Iron Trekkies
16. Mayans & Blimps!

Сури Вук

Bring this savage back home
@Chazz Chetly Steaming Pile of Poop is great title in general, though. :)

1. Remember Tommorow
2. Purgatory
3. Children of the Damned
4. Through earthquakes and starvation
5. Shellshock
6. Where future meets the past
7. Baptism of joy
8. Hook for the truth
9. Guided by Judas
10. Fragments of the Man
11. Futureal
12. Garden of Fear (btw.. Is it true that there were some rumours on the World wide web that BNW was supposed to be called Majesty of Gaia?)
13. Damnation of Flesh
14. Blind Leading the Blind
15. Godess of the Sun
16. The Ascent of Madness