Album Timeline by (ex-)Maiden members


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Here a chronological overview of albums to which (ex-)Maiden members have contributed.
I decided to only do albums on which the person contributed as a full member. So no albums on which a member only plays on a couple of songs (guest appearances). When I say albums I mean both studio and live. I won't do singles when the A-side is already on the album. If I find EP's or other singles by artists which were not released on regular albums I'll add them as well. I won't do compilation albums (also if they feature a song which was not released anywhere else).

To prevent confusion, I am only doing albums that feature material, recorded around the time of release, around the time when the member was still in the group. So no stuff found in the "vault", archives, you name it. This may sound a little strict, but the point is to recreate something authentic: something a longtime fan may have or could have witnessed, when all these albums came out at the time. As a consequence you'll find some awkward omissions, and naturally we can discuss that. I decided to add Maiden albums as well (studio only), to make the perspective more complete.

1975-??-??: Nicko McBrain -> Streetwalkers - Downtown Flyers
1976-05-??: Nicko McBrain -> Streetwalkers - Red Card
1977-??-??: Nicko McBrain -> Pat Travers - Makin' Magic
1977-05-13: Adrian Smith -> Urchin - Black Leather Fantasy
1977-??-??: Nicko McBrain -> Pat Travers - Putting It Straight
1978-04?-??: Adrian Smith -> Urchin - She's a Roller (recorded in 1977)
1980-04-14: Iron Maiden -> Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden
1980-06-??: Bruce Dickinson -> Samson - Head On
1980-09-19: Janick Gers -> White Spirit - White Spirit
1981-02-02: Iron Maiden -> Iron Maiden - Killers
1981-05-??: Bruce Dickinson -> Samson - Shock Tactics
1981-10-??: Janick Gers -> Gillan - Double Trouble
1981-10-20: Nicko McBrain -> Trust - Marche ou crève
1982-??-??: Janick Gers -> Gillan - Magic
1982-03-22: Iron Maiden -> Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast
1983-05-16: Iron Maiden -> Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind
1983-09-05: Clive Burr -> Trust - Trust IV (also called Idéal; English version: Man's Trap)
1984-09-03: Iron Maiden -> Iron Maiden - Powerslave
1985-??-??: Paul Di'Anno / Janick Gers / Clive Burr -> Gogmagog - I Will Be There
1985-??-??: Clive Burr -> Stratus - Throwing Shapes

1986-09-26: Iron Maiden -> Iron Maiden - Somewhere in Time
1988-04-11: Iron Maiden -> Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
1989-??-??: Adrian Smith -> A.S.a.P. - Silver and Gold
1989-??-??: Blaze Bayley -> Wolfsbane - Live Fast, Die Fast
1990-??-??: Blaze Bayley -> Wolfsbane - All Hell's Breaking Loose Down at Little Kathy Wilson's Place
1990-05-??: Bruce Dickinson / Janick Gers -> Bruce Dickinson - Tattooed Millionaire
1990-10-01: Iron Maiden -> Iron Maiden - No Prayer for the Dying
1991-??-??: Blaze Bayley -> Wolfsbane - Down Fall the Good Guys
1992-05-11: Iron Maiden -> Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark
1993-??-??: Blaze Bayley -> Wolfsbane - Massive Noise Injection
1994-??-??: Blaze Bayley -> Wolfsbane - Wolfsbane
1994-??-??: Blaze Bayley -> Wolfsbane - Everything Else
1994-05-??: Bruce Dickinson -> Bruce Dickinson - Balls to Picasso
1995-??-??: Bruce Dickinson -> Bruce Dickinson - Alive in Studio A
1995-10-02: Iron Maiden -> Iron Maiden - The X-Factor
1995-??-??: Adrian Smith -> Psycho Motel - State of Mind
1996-06-??: Bruce Dickinson -> Bruce Dickinson - Skunkworks
1996-10-??: Bruce Dickinson -> Bruce Dickinson - Skunkworks Live EP
1997-??-??: Adrian Smith -> Psycho Motel - Welcome to the World
1997-06-03: Bruce Dickinson / Adrian Smith -> Bruce Dickinson - Accident of Birth
1998-03-23: Iron Maiden -> Iron Maiden - Virtual XI
1998-07-14: Bruce Dickinson / Adrian Smith -> Bruce Dickinson - The Chemical Wedding
1999-11-02: Bruce Dickinson / Adrian Smith -> Bruce Dickinson - Scream for Me Brazil
2000-05-22: Blaze Bayley -> Blaze - Silicon Messiah
2000-05-29: Iron Maiden -> Iron Maiden - Brave New World
2002-01-15: Blaze Bayley -> Blaze - Tenth Dimension
2003-03-25: Blaze Bayley -> Blaze - As Live As It Gets
2003-09-08: Iron Maiden -> Iron Maiden - Dance of Death
2004-04-26: Blaze Bayley -> Blaze - Blood And Belief
2005-05-23: Bruce Dickinson -> Bruce Dickinson - Tyranny of Souls
2006-08-25: Iron Maiden -> Iron Maiden - A Matter of Life and Death
2008-07-07: Blaze Bayley -> Blaze Bayley - The Man Who Would Not Die
2009-10-30: Blaze Bayley -> Blaze Bayley - The Night That Will Not Die
2010-02-01: Blaze Bayley -> Blaze Bayley - Promise and Terror
2010-08-13: Iron Maiden -> Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier
2011-04-09: Blaze Bayley -> Wolfsbane - Dit It For the Money
2012-02-27: Adrian Smith -> Primal Rock Rebellion - Awoken Broken
2012-03-08: Blaze Bayley -> Blaze Bayley - The King of Metal
2012-09-24: Steve Harris -> Steve Harris - British Lion
2012-??-??: Blaze Bayley -> Wolfsbane - Wolfsbane Save the World

If you see I made a mistake, or forgot something or if you know releases by pre-Maiden discography members, do not hesitate to help me out.

EDIT: Not done yet:
Paul Day, Paul Di'Anno, Dennis Stratton, Clive Burr, Adrian Smith (Urchin)
EDIT 2: I am going to note both recording and release dates as soon as I have time to search and find them. Later I'll decide if and how the set-up will change (see Perun's post and my answer). First I need to get all the releases.


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Why do you included Bruce's live albums and not Maiden's ?


Ancient Mariner
This is mainly about the non-Maiden albums. I didn't want to include all Maiden albums, but I thought the studio ones were enough to place the rest of this list in a better perspective.


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Great work so far. When you're done, I would be interested in an effort to include guest and session recordings and "vault stuff" as well, in order to follow the careers of the individual musicians.

As a source for the dates, you may want to use Encyclopaedia Metallum. For instance, for the White Spirit album, it lists 19th September 1980 as the release date.


Ancient Mariner
Thanks! Also for your suggestions (good idea to later add guest performances etc). I'll add the White Spirit date and will certainly use that site more often!

And if we're going to do vault stuff, the recording date might be better as an entrance, than the release date.
Take for instance that Samson Reading album; I thought it didn't fit in 1990 when it was released for the first time, so the alternative is that it could better fit in 1981. The downside is that it wasn't released at the time, so a fan didn't know it in 1981; but maybe this is less important -> I could change this into a recording timeline, though I am not sure how much will change then.

So we have the possibility of the fan perspective (releases) and the possibility of the musician, the recording perspective. Combining both (at least with such vault stuff) is also possible. Right now I tend to go for the recording the most.


One thing: Shouldn't you have listed Adrian/Janick along with Bruce for the Bruce solo albums on which one of them played?


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Good effort I really like this, especially since it gives me some idea's for bands to check out. :D


Ancient Mariner
Glad it can lead to investigations! Must say I haven't done Wolfsbane myself yet, nor did I hear enough of Clive's and Nicko's adventures (apart from Pat Travers).

Most shamefully: I still didn't obtain Urchin. :-/ I only know a few songs from internet but I really like these well enough to get it. Have to do it before this stuff is sold out.


You can also count Samson - Survivors as an album with Bruce Dickinson, only he recorded the vocals in 1980.

There is also another little known record with Nicko McBrain with Jenny Darren Band: 1980-??-?? - Jenny Darren


Ancient Mariner
Thanks for your input, lira. I considered Survivors but Bruce's recordings were not released around that time.
I am still not sure what's the best way to order all this.

Never heard of Nicko playing with Jenny Darren (never heard of her either). Interesting!
Do you have more (any?) information? Thanks in advance!
EDIT: I just did some research and found more info, check the Nicko McBrain topic. Thanks!


Hi Forostar. Jenny Darren was a rock-dance singer in the 70s-80s and she released a few albums starting with Queen of Fools in 1978. She used to had an early and useful site instead of this crap new one, unfortunately. As far as i can remember she briefly talked about future Maiden member playing with her and touring for this 1980 album. Nothing more. The only other thing i discovered was that the lineup on the album was not the same which toured, but i don't know wether it's relevant to post here.

I bought this album with Nicko which exists only in vinyl form so I'm still searching for a player to listen. Just too curious and it's nowhere to download.

Anyway, she still sings and I think she released an album recently. It is the only video I could find of her in the 70s playing with Pat Benatar (the video only starts about 5:00 min...). Really good voice:


Will you also consider Rebecca McBrain's Voyager album? Nicko was part of the band of his wife.

There's only one song available on YouTube. Can't find the album to buy...