Album Art of Brave New World


Not even Wensleydale?
Wow, I've never noticed that screaming face in the sky beside Eddie before! It's hard to be sure, but I'd be surprised if that wasn't intentionally put there, as opposed to it being accidental that those clouds resemble a screaming face. As for the cover itself, it is my favourite Maiden album art post-1990, which is ironic, as it's their only studio album cover since then to which Derek Riggs has (although it was unintentionally on his part) contributed.

I've long been aware that the Eddie in the sky image was actually taken from artwork Derek had submitted for "The Wicker Man" which was rejected by the band. Although Derek was rightfully annoyed about the situation, the idea to use that image for the BNW artwork was inspired, and I thank whoever it was who decided on that course of action. That album cover is stunning, and seems to fit in perfectly with the band's comeback with Bruce and H, with the image of Eddie menacingly glowering over the city as if to announce that Maiden were truly back! :)


Found in a lost world
I remember seeing an Eddie-shaped head in the clouds when I was sitting on the train on my way home after school.
But that was somewhere in 1997...long before Brave New World was released.