Aces High

How good is Aces High on a scale of 1-10?

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This song gets me pumped up like no other.  I'm not in love with the midsection though so it can only get a 9.


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This song I held as one of the very best ever when I heard Live After Death for the first time. What an exciting beginning of this legendary live album! I played it over and over again and soon it was my favourite together with The Trooper. (This was some while before Rime took over my favourite song spot).

Later when I heard Powerslave for the first time, I was a bit disappointed. I don't think that Aces High's chorus is that great on the Powerslave album. I prefer the "H sound of airplane" on Live After Death. His guitar in the chorus really sounds like (sounds coming from) planes, and this vital aspect sounds a bit crappy on the studio version. The tremolo bending part, you know what I'm talking about.

I also prefer the backing vocals (done in the studio ;) ) on Life After Death, just as the solos. So overall, the song sounds paler on record compared to a live performance. I also realize that over the years, other songs have grown more on me than this one.

Still, the energy of this track, the captivating intro (original rhythmic harmony!) and the interesting lyrics make me give it a well deserved 9.


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10/10, My third favourite Maiden opener, I especially like the guitar solo work on this one, a song that wiil raise the roof.


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Re: Aces High

This is my least favorite opener. It is simplistic maiden at its best and apart from good solos and lyrics, there isn't much else to it. 5/10

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Re: Aces High

A perfect opener. It's waaaaay underrated by the band, they should start every concert with this song. 10/10.


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Like NightProwler666 said, it's a perfect opener. Not my favorite, but still deserves full score.


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This is the first Iron Maiden song i heard, and i was literally blown off by opening riff! The riffage in this song is extreme, the vocals are epic, like Ranko said, symmetry of composition is present which to me seems like "lift off - formation - split - attack - regroup - formation - land". Perhaps it's a bit far fetched but most of the commentary stuff is  :D

However, it's like 9.25, because i feel that something is missing to reach the perfect score. Hence, 9.


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Re: Aces High

8. Yeah, I know a lot have this as their favourite opener, but I only see this as bloody good.


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at a time i would have given it 10 but its just a short rocker not a great by maidens standards but just very very good...
good old song with a great patriotic feel 9/10 on the border of ten


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It's a classic, containing lots of great riffs and amazing vocals from Bruce. I especially love the harmonies during the intro. The lyrics are also strong and the tune just motors along with so much energy. I think it would be really tough to pull this one off at the end of a gig for that reason; I bet Maiden could probably do it though. Anyone know if they ever did?

So a great tune that is nearly a ten to my ears. It loses a point from me because the I-bVI-bVII sequence that turns up in so many Maiden songs is overused just a little in the chorus here. Apart from that it's stunning.


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My absolute favorite album opener after "The Wicker Man". Great from start to finish. I still cannot get over how much personality the guitar riffs have, it sounds like a dogfight. Just great.

I love this song and it is a great intro to a magnificent album. Powerslave is tied right now with NOTB as the best two albums. I can't decide. It's like picking a favorite kid.

A catchy, sing along chorus that gets you up and ready. They started Flight 666 with this song and it was a good choice. 10/10 a classic.