90s Nickelodeon shows

So, since this is an Iron Maiden forum, a band from the 80s of course, I would probably guess that there aren't too many youngsters on here who want to reminisce about 90s stuff, but, being that I was born in '84, I was a kid in the 90s and practically devoted my life to Nickelodeon from about 1993 to 1998, and still do love all my favorite 90s Nick shows from when I was a kid, luckily there's "The Splat", a nightly block on the channel "Teen Nick" that shows old 90s Nick programs, which brings me great joy and nostalgia :D

Here are some of my favorite 90s Nick shows:

HEY ARNOLD: My favorite 90s Nick show of all time! Absolutely NOTHING like any kids cartoon out today, on Nick or any other channel.. Very deep and meaningful, with some great characters that have a lot of depth to them... Deals with a lot of realistic issues for kids and adults alike, and aside from that, it's also hillarious:bigsmile:

ROCKO'S MODERN LIFE: Hillarious cartoon with some hidden sexual references here & there, haha, of course, 90s Nick wasn't afraid to throw a few dirty jokes in, unlike today's squeaky-clean stuff:facepalm:

SALUTE YOUR SHORTS: Great show about teens at a summer camp, very funny

DOUG(the original Nickelodeon Doug, not the crappy ABC version they made later): A good enjoyable toon, not as deep as Hey Arnold, but still funny and fun to watch

ALL THAT: Nickelodeon's 90s version of SNL, great show with some hillarious skits and a very talented cast.. and of course, one of their original cast members, Kenan Thompson, is now on SNL

THE ANGRY BEAVERS: Great cartoon about 2 beaver brothers that live in a dam together

KABLAM: An interesting kind of show, 4 different cartoons in one that were all animated differently- one traditional animation, one clay-animated, one puppet-animated, etc

and well, this is an 80s Nick show but it still reran well through the 90s:

YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON TELEVISION: Probably Nickelodeon's best show ever!

Those are only a few of my favorites... Now again, since there aren't really a lot of "Generation Xers" on here, this thread might not get too much response, but, I'm just oh-so-curious to see if there are any other 90s Nickelodeon junkies on here:D
Same boat as you SIT84! I'm an 80's kid with lots of love for 90's stuff.

Rocko's Modern Life and Salute Your Shorts were amazing. As was Hey Dude! The lameness was just off the charts. We also shouldn't forget Pete & Pete!

The best, however, remains Are You Afraid of the Dark? That show cultivated my love of horror, which later lead me to an X-Files obsession.
Yea I know about that Nick Reboot thing, it's awesome, in between that and The Splat, I'm set with 90s Nick:D

Wow, I can't believe I forgot to mention Pete & Pete and Are You Afraid of the Dark, 2 other classics... Hey Dude I was never that big into, I thought the theme song was catchy and I liked the girls on it, but the show was just kinda ok.. it was basically just Salute Your Shorts set on a ranch

Excited to watch the All That reunion tonight on The Splat:nana:

and, Hey Arnold is (sort of) being revived next year, a TV movie is in the works, "The Jungle Movie", where Arnold goes to the jungle to find his parents, wohoo, can't wait! :okok:
Heh, I guess so.. But anyway, the All That 'reunion' wasn't really a reunion so to speak, it was just an episode marathon with cast members talking about their favorite skits in between.. But, was still fun to watch