22, Acacia Avenue

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Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
A strong song discussing prostitution and keeping up the "Charlotte" storyline, 22 Acacia Avenue is better than its predecessor in every way. Adrian truly shines, and while the instrumental feels like a bit of a repeat of "Phantom of the Opera's", it's still pretty strong all together. Bruce songs great, too. 8


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Metallica's drummer, Lars Ulrich, used to always play a tape of this song whenever he travelled on an aeroplane!

1987 - Plymouth – As Maiden had plans to re-record some of their old songs to be released as B-sides in their next singles, they play a secret gig, where they dust off some of the songs. 'Prowler' & 'Charlotte The Harlot' were played at the secret gig, and ended up being released, but they also played '22 Acacia Avenue' at the gig.

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Out of the Silent Planet
Amazing riff and opening to the song. Powerful drumming from Clive. Great verses, rhythm, screams. The chorus is great too. Both solos are quite good, especially the slow one by Dave. The part before the Adrian's (which is so effective) solo (i.e. the last verse) is awesome. Steve's bass playing is again top-notch. Great end to the song. Classic! 9/10


Ancient Mariner
Yeah, the classic album dvd was shown on Sky Arts last week, and the lyrics have aged badly, and the dolly bird on stage was even worse, probably the all time low of Maiden.

I wholeheartedly agree.

Great song from a musical point of view; cringeworthy lyrics. The latter might be the reason why the song has not been played live since 2003...


Ancient Mariner
Yeah it's a shame, the "beat her mistreat her" verse in particular, I've always thought there was a kind of double meaning to that verse, one the narrator is an outright misogynst and the listener is supposed to be appalled by that verse or two it's outright misogyny and the listener is supposed to be getting some sort of voyeuristic thrill from the verse. I'm being charitable to Maiden as a Maiden fan and think the first meaning is what's intended, but I suspect most non-Maiden fans being exposed to it would think of the second one. Maiden underlining "coming" in the final lyric in the lyric sheet might also point to a less charitable interpretation of the lyrics.

In fairness to Maiden, for a song from 1982, at least there is a possibility of 2 interpretations. In the music of a lot of their peers at the time there would be absolutely no doubt that it was the second interpretation intended.

Everything musically is great, especially the groovy outro which reminds me of Suicide by Thin Lizzy.


I've gotten a bit more jaded towards this song. 8/10

I give it that more 'charitable' interpretation of the lyrics that the previous commenter mentioned, but it still bothers me, considering the rather patronizing tone: "don't you see you're doing this and that, ruining your life, etc.?". Well, bro, I'm sure if she had a better option for paying her bills, she wouldn't rather get 'mistreated and abused'. Also, and this is at no fault of the song itself, but I doubt that they themselves were at no point consumers of the same service they berate a fictional woman for providing, especially given Dave's insinuation of the song being based on a real experience with a prostitute. I like Dave a lot, by the way.

Anyways, it's definitely better than "Charlotte The Harlot", both musically and the way that it's sung, I think Bruce sounds like he's genuinely concerned for her at some points, in contrast to Di'Anno sounding a bit more condescending and resentful in "Charlotte". Overall "Charlotte" is a bit more of a predictable song. There's really not a boring moment in 22AA in comparison, even though it's somewhat on the longer side. I think if I choose to ignore some aspects of it, I overall really like it.