2017 Maidenfans.com Meetup discussion

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Not being the most outgoing person in the world, I had been a little apprehensive about the idea of just wandering into a modestly sized group of people I'd never met before. But I needn't have worried, everyone was really welcoming and I felt at home literally straight away.
It was awesome to hang out with you. Thank you so much for coming!

Travis The Dragon

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LC, THAT IS SO SUPER FREAKING AWESOME!!! I'm so glad you all got to meet up together for such an amazing and historic event that none of you will ever forget!


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Scream for me Chicago!

Only 9 days until the Chicago gig! I figure we're mostly meeting up at the gig itself, but I'll open a PM chat for gig talk.

Cornfed Hick

Sorry I'm missing it, work duty calls.

Want. Pics. Only 1-2 from London? Shameful. :p

Any Maidenfans going to San Berdoo (SoCal)?


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The year of the meetup! Wow, what a time. This year I met the following for the first time:
@Lampwick 43 @Detective Beauregard @Ariana @Brigantium @Black Wizard @Shadow @Forostar @Black Abyss Babe @Albie @Dr. Eddies Wingman

I got to hang out again with:
@Wästed The Great @bearfan @MrKnickerbocker @Perun @national acrobat

I will be seeing later in the summer:

I'm a lucky man to have such fantastic friends all around the world. Thank you, everyone, for two incredible weekends. It has been, to quote a fellow, super sweet for sure.