1. chadthedrummer7

    Got extra San Antonio tickets tonight!

    I have 2 extra tickets to San Antonio tonight! Need them to goto a great maiden fan. Who's in? Text me. Chad 469-767-3786 (drum) lol! Up the irons!
  2. S

    2 x spare tickets for London 27/05

    Hi all! I have 2 x standing tickets to see Maiden at the O2 on 27 May. Their HQ will help me swap the tickets if I can find someone to take them. It's £136 for both, which is face value. Let me know if you're interested! Thanks Sam
  3. B

    Leeds arena tickets

    I booked 2 standing tickets on pre release for the Leeds arena gig 11th May 2017. In my excitement I forgot I'd already booked a family holiday across that date. Rule are strict on refund etc but I might have the option to transfer to someone else's name if they ring up and transfer the...
  4. L

    Brisbane 2016 Ticket Trade

    Hey everyone, I have tickets for me and a couple mates but are in different areas. I am looking to trade 2 SGA5 tickets for 2 SGA4 tickets. I am willing to throw in some cash as the tickets the area is futher back. Cheers :) - Liam.