1. Diesel 11

    Worst 21st Century Maiden Song

    You want meaningless? I'll give you meaningless. Everyone gets 7 votes. Make 'em count.
  2. matic22

    The Ultimate Overplayed Iron Maiden Songs List

    Since we usually rant about that problem, I decided to make a new thread in where every user can vote for 3 (in his opinion ) most overplayed songs. We all know there is a thin line between a live staple and an overplayed song. So this thread is there to determine that. Remember, The Book Of...
  3. Nathan Alexander

    What do you think is better, Aces High Or Silver Wings?

    Personally I prefer Silver Wings. Silver Wings Aces High
  4. mckindog

    Because it's a better song

    With Now Playing basically being a rolling list of songs and the random song review thread seeming to have died a quiet death I want to do something a little different to spark some music conversation outside the survivor threads. Things always seem to work better around here with a theme and...
  5. matic22

    'Arry's Epics (7 minutes and longer)

    I was going through TRATB thread and there was a question about Steve's epics in recent years and if he can still write a good epic. So I decided to make my list from worst to best Harris epic, using only songs written only by Harry and are longer than 7 minutes. Candidates: Phantom, Hallowed...