1. Diesel 11

    Top 20 Favorite Solo Bruce Songs

    Lickin' the gun.... So what are your twenty favorite Bruce Dickinson solo songs? All of The Chemical Wedding. Outside of TCW, the rest of my Top 20 is currently (in order): Darkside Of Aquarius Tattooed Millionaire Man Of Sorrows Kill Devil Hill Freak The Magician Strange Death In Paradise...
  2. Diesel 11

    Most SATANIC Band Ever POLL!! :o [Warning: DEMONS]

    Please vote in the POLL ABOVE so that we can figure out which band to ban from our Christian Forums. John Lennon said that The Beatles are BIGGER than Jesus. That's a LIE! Let him BURN IN HELL where he belongs, damn his soul. Iron Maiden have that one song where their singer LITERALLY SAYS...
  3. LooseCannon

    Best Eddie

    You know, I've always wondered...what's the best Eddie? Lots of people have very strong opinions on the subject. Similarly, what's the worst Eddie? My favourite Eddie is the Aces High cover, followed by Powerslave cover - man, that scene is majestic. But lots of people prefer many other covers...

    Vote For Planet Rock Award 2016

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