1. Saphrax

    Book and Music Pairings

    I’ve found that some books and albums pair well together just like food and wine. This doesn’t necessarily correlate to songs that allude to literature (ie. Reading Coleridge whilst listening to RotAM). Some I recommend are: Pink Floyd: Animals or Dark Side of the Moon with anything by...
  2. djsafari

    Guitar samples

    Hi my friends!I'm from Germany!I'm an old fan of Iron Maiden! I want to know where you buy samples?Last time i was buying good guitar samples from this site - . Can you give me advice? P.S - from Germany with love!
  3. Nathan Alexander

    What do you think is better, Aces High Or Silver Wings?

    Personally I prefer Silver Wings. Silver Wings Aces High
  4. matic22

    Songs performed at ridiculous speeds live

    As we all know bends tend to speed things up a little when they perform live. So this is a thread for posting ridiculously fast performances of songs. Here is one. Joe Satriani - Surfing With The Turbocharged Alien (Sevilla '91) So what other ridiculously fast performances do you know?