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    Was shocked to read that, having just seen him a couple of weeks ago on stage with UFO, looked in fine health then. RIP Paul.
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    Judas Priest

    It does say at the bottom of the report, "Uli left and they ask Michael to look out for guitar players." So might be that the Scorpions asked Michael to look out for/recommend/ask some guitar players.
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    Wasting Love

    Pretty average song for me, probably the one I skip most on the album.
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    That is a bit better than I was expecting. Thought his voice sounded a bit more natural than it has done on the last couple of albums and the guitars a bit less processed. But still a pretty harsh guitar sound and a complete lack of bass. I really do miss the walking basslines of Neil Murray...
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    Official Star Wars Thread

    I enjoyed Solo as well, and I’m hoping they continue to make one-off stand alone movies, though it would appear that due to this one not being a huge hit they are reconsidering this. Which is a shame as I think of the new movies, Rogue One and Solo are the best. I didn’t though like the...
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    I’m a fan of the Load album, don’t think it is exceptional in anyway, but a really good solid set of hard rock songs. As my tastes are more in the hard rock area, and I’m not that fussed with thrash metal, I’d rather listen to Load than the early Metallica albums, though obviously I can see that...
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    Looking forward to your reviews of the subsequent albums, I’m a big Rainbow fan, not only their Dio stuff but through the Bonnet and Turner eras and the much overlooked Doogie White album. With regards to the first album, I think it is definitely the weaker of the three Dio fronted and for me...
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    The Post Your Own Music Thread

    My band, Vantage Point, released a new four track EP, Back at Work, is available on all the usual digital platforms, Spotify - Deezer - Apple -...
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    Official Tennis thread

    Watched his match this morning, really enjoyed it, he certainly showed his fighting spirit, but unfortunately the hip is restricting his movement so he can’t play to his optimum level. Probably best he lost in the end, as he’d have probably struggled to be ready for the next round after todays...
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    Don't think much of the title, artwork is pretty decent though. Have however got a couple of Megadeth Best Of's, don't feel I need another one, so I'll be giving this a miss.
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    Bruce Dickinson

    I kind of wish they had progressed with re-recording some of the first album as b-sides during the No Prayer & FOTD sessions. Would be nice to have alternative versions of those songs with Bruce on vocals which were better produced – though I don’t think No Prayer has the best production in the...
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    Which song is a better addition to TNOTB album ?

    For me Gangland is the weaker song by a distance, good to have as a b-side but not really worthy of sitting on the album. Total Eclipse is definitely good enough to sit on the album, and I think would improve it.
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    Instrumental intro to open an album

    The Deep Purple track, Speed King, from the In Rock album in '69 has an instrumental intro, which although not listed as a different track, is pretty much a separate entity. I think in some territories it was actually omitted from the album.
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    Setlist retirement poll

    I'd be more than happy to attend a Maiden gig that didn't include, Iron Maiden or Number of the Beast, which are the two from that list to have been played at every gig of the bands I have attended. Of the rest, I enjoy them during the gig when they happened, but if it was up to me to pick the...
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    Judas Priest

    Disappointed the shades he wore in the Priest Live video aren't up for auction, they were classic. Shame though if it is a sale forced on him by lack of funds, surely the royalties from Breakin' The Law being played on radio must still be a pretty decent income stream on its own, never mind...