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    Iron Maiden News, Links, and Interviews

    Yeah I do love the instrumental section of Weekend Warrior, the rest of it is a bit sub-par.
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    which Maiden song that hasn't been played live yet would you like a live version of?

    Obviously quite a predictable choice, but number one for me would be Alexander the Great. Other than that, I think, The Fugitive would be a great number live.
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    The Number of the Beast: Album Discussion

    I did a video review of the album, which, if you wish, you can watch on the old YouTube.
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    Senjutsu's album review (song by song and overall)

    Well I decided to start doing album reviews on my bands YouTube channel. Obviously a big part of the reason is to hopefully draw some people to the page and maybe have them check out my band, I'm not going to deny that. But I did also fancy doing reviews of albums I own and rating them, and...
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    which parts from TNOTB would make a good DiAnno performance?

    I think Invaders is the song from NOTB that sounds most inline with what they were doing on Killers, so reckon it would definitely work.
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    The Post Your Own Music Thread

    Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks very much for taking the time to watch it, much appreciated.
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    The Post Your Own Music Thread

    Put together a basic animated video for an old track of my band.
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    Blaze Bayley

    I went to a rather sparsly populated Glasgow gig on the Blood on Belief tour. Definitely had a new guitarist to the band as he spent a lot of time nipping to the back of the stage to consult his notes on how the songs went.
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    what Maiden song parts do you think sound live much better than on the original album?

    Hallowed Be Thy Name is one for me. I find the dynamics of the song to be much better on LAD than on NOTB. The studio version, I think the intro is too fast, then after the intro it is too slow. For me I think that loses the impact of the main part, as it comes in slower and thus seems less...
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    Is it worth joining the fanclub?

    Just let my membership lapse, for me I was paying for a magazine and a t-shirt, with access to the forum was a bonus that I would occasionally use. With the magazine going digital and no t-shirt, it really doesn’t seem worth being a member.
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    what do you think of the upcoming anniversary TNOTB cassette release?

    Seems a rather low key way to celebrate the 40th Anniversary. I've no interest in purchasing new cassettes, but to be honest, as I have a couple of copies of the album on CD plus a vinyl version from when I got into the band back in the early 90s. I have no need for another copy, whatever the...
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    the better DiAnno album

    For me, Killers is the better album, but Iron Maiden has the best song of the two in, Phantom of the Opera.
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    New tune from Saxon,
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    The Post Your Own Music Thread

    My band, Vantage Point, are releasing a new album, On Target, in January. Ahead of it we have just put out a new single, End of the Line, which you can listen to on the digital platform of your choice. If you do give it a listen on Spotify and think it is alright, then do give us a follow there...
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    Status Quo

    Went to the re-union gigs in 2013 & 2014 suspecting that I would like them more than previous Quo gigs, just because they were playing a set of songs from the 70s, which is of course when they released their best material. But I was really surprised at how much better they sounded with Lancaster...