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    Blaze Bayley

    What are your opinion on of the use of synths in Blaze's music? This is something that is not featured very often. But for example Andy Sneap actually added some keyboard parts in the background at 5:27 - 5:40 in Stare at the Sun, I think that parts sounds great. You can certainly notice...
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    Iron Maiden News, Links, and Interviews

    Great! I also really like that they put out everything from Eddie's archives last year on digital services. The "Doctor Doctor" cover is the most popular of those tracks on Spotify now.
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    Como Estais Amigos

    Good live performance from 2000.
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    Blaze Bayley

    Dio still did rather well in Europe so he didn't need to support Maiden there, he could tour on his own. I really like this bootleg btw: One of Blaze's really good nights on the Virtual XI tour and the greek c*nts were really into the new material as well!
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    Blaze Bayley

    Dio also fired Jake E. Lee in 1982, because he wanted someone that agreed to just write straight riffs that he could sing over, which Jake didn't want to do. (Ozzy then picked Jake for Bark at the Moon). I think Dio would have been a lot more successful if he had stuck with Jake as his...
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    Blaze Bayley

    Well, each to his own. I have never really cared for Dio anyway. People listen to like 4-5 of his songs and call him a rock god, while most of his catalogue is entirely forgotten and bland.
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    Blaze Bayley

    I'm not sure about that. Dio was kind of at an ultimate low mark at that point and couldn't tour the U.S on his own anymore. I can't imagine that his band had any excess energy on stage or anything like that during that difficult time. And if you look at his sale stats from the second half of...
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    Blaze Bayley

    That song was his tribute to Dio, he mentioned him as one of his greatest influences. Therefore it must have been kind of cool to have him supporting Maiden on the North American leg of the Virtual XI tour.
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    The real problem with Virtual

    I just think the 2015 remaster sounds much better for some reason, and that some people have started to like it more because of that. The same with Somewhere in Time, the 1998 remaster of that one sounds much worse, and I think it's good that it was erased.
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    The real problem with Virtual

    Sometimes I wonder if this album has become a little bit more popular amongst some after the 2015 remaster was put out in 2018 on digital services (as well as CD that year + vinyl in 2017). I think it's a bit easier on the ear for some reason.
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    THE FUTURE PAST TOUR - The Setlist Contest!

    1. Senjutsu 2. Stratego 3. The Writing on the Wall 4. Wasted Years 5. Heaven Can Wait 6. Days of Future Past 7. Stranger in a Strange Land 8. Sea of Madness 9. The Time Machine 10. 2 Minutes to Midnight 11. Fear of the Dark 12. Iron Maiden ------------------------------------------------ 13...
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    This + watching some sort of virtual football game from 1998. See my profile picture.
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    What's Your Favourite Adrian Solo?

    Different World.
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    There's actually a bootleg of that gig on youtube.
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    Janick + Somewhere In Time songs...

    PlayClassics! is not your average Janick basher though, judging by his praise of the Blaze-era: :D:D Propably he enjoys much of Janick's playing - just not on the classic stuff?