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    Elvis Presley

    Who is, if Elvis is not?
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    The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones

    The beatles, they were way more talented and a better catalouge. The stones is great as well, but not so interesting as the other band I think
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    Hints collection thread for 2023

    - A tour, at least an European leg (Wacken date confirmed) - probably a new beer brand, major update of their mobile game. New action figures etc - I really hope for a new album or a live release or something, but probably nothing like this
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    What is the most wanted piece of IM merch or release you want but can't get?

    I already have all the 1998 remasters, and know about the small faults here and there:confused: so it’s not anything I really, really want
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    What is the most wanted piece of IM merch or release you want but can't get?

    Only merch I would like is one of the footbal shirts. I just like their music. I would love to have Eddie’s head, The first ten years box set and the Soundhouse tapes of course. Guess all of them are impossible to find
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    My Complete B-Sides Checklist

    The Listen with Nicko tracks are also some kind of b-sides? Also Another life and Murders in the rue morgue live versions were used as b sides on different The trooper singles. Otherwise nice list!
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    Dave’s paycheck for guesting on a Ice-T tune
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    Today my kids drove me nuts by not doing what I was telling them to do, like cleaning up their room, eat up their food and put on their clothes before they were going out in the garden. However, my oldest one is quite an nitpicker and constantly question my motives, and want to argue why he has...
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    Album covers/artworks (non-Maiden) that you consider good or even great

    Covers done by Necrolord, JP Fournier, Roger Dean and Ed Repka are my favorites. Also Revolver, Sgt Pepper, some old Dio albums. Burzum have some awesome album covers that fits the music. Same about some early King crimson, Genesis and Jethro tull albums
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    Enter Stage Right: The Big Rush Era Poll

    Signals - Hold your fire
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    your favourite Metallica album of the 1980s?

    I really love all of them, they are among my favorite albums ever, but Ride the lightning is the best one I think
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    Instead of a petition, I think people on the official forum should make a discussion regarding change of a new producer, some someone in the Maiden camp monitors the forum. Spamming comments on their social media could also have an effect. It is not like every day I listen to any Maiden live...
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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

    Thank you very much MindRuler :clap:
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    How good is it - Listen, review and on to the next album

    Great, classic album that have been spinning at many parties during my youth. I voted 9.
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    Motley Crue Reunion Tour

    Money talks! I really love the Crüe, and good for fans to go see them live one more time. But they are obviously only doing it for the money. They have no musical ambitions. They have lived on their legacy for over 20 years now, with the dirt (book), saints of los angeles and now the dirt...