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    if you could send Steve back in time to correct ONE mistake in the entire Maiden history: what thing would you choose him to have changed?

    Other than those mentioned: Kai Hansen replacing Ralf Scheepers in Gamma Ray. Timo Kotipelto replacing Timo Tolkki in Stratovarius. James LaBrie replacing whoever was in Dream theater. Roy Khan replacing whoever was in Kamelot. Phil Collins replacing Peter Gabriel in Genesis. Joey Belladonna...
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    Maiden moments that give you goosebumps

    There’s many, but the first one that comes to my mind is when Bruce sings THE THIN LIIIIIINE BETWEEN LOVE AND HAAAAAATE
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    if you could send Steve back in time to correct ONE mistake in the entire Maiden history: what thing would you choose him to have changed?

    Probably made him put more money into the production of Virtual XI. It just does not sound like a well established metal band doing this album. And it sounds a bit rushed as well. The album have great songs, but terrible production, mixing and arrangements
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    Judas Priest

    Sounds like the works by Jayne Andrews:facepalm:
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    Bruce Dickinson

    You have everything then, if you get all those 2005 remasters. I still don’t have a CD with the bonus song from Tyranny of souls
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    Judas Priest

    All for saving some bucks…
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    Which Member Of The Band Would You Like To Have A Pint With?

    I would love to have one with all of them of course, but if I have to choose, I’ll say Nicko. Pretty much because he is so funny person overall, we would laugh all night
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    Other songs that sound like Maiden

    The awesome power metal band Power paladin from Iceland are releasing their debut album next friday, and on their single Kraven the hunter they totally rip off a part of Sign of the cross
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    Best New Music - 2021 edition

    I’m ashamed to say I’ve only heard three albums from 2021 so far. Just Senjutsu, the Smith/Kotzen disc and John Mayer - Sob rock. Senjutsu sounds great, but I haven’t listened to it for a while now, have forgot a few of the songs already. Smith/Kotzen I’ve just listened to briefly, it didn’t...
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    Best New Music - 2022 edition

    Looking forward to new Battle beast, Sabaton, Stratovarius, Sonata arctica, Star one, Pain of salvation, Avantasia, Amorphis, Power paladin, Blind guardian, Abbath, Slash & the conspirators, Porcupine tree and Megadeth
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    Arjen Anthony Lucassen's Star One - Revel In Time Megathread

    Lot of new personell announced the last couple of weeks, it should be a great album! Not many surprises, but very skilled singers and instrumentalists. Just hope it won’t be a big mess singer wise like The source. Pre orders are up:okok:
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    Your Favorite Albums

    Pain of salvation - Remedy lane Ayreon - The human equation The beatles - Revolver, White album, Magical mystery tour Rainbow - Rising Pink floyd - Wish you were here, Meddle Arcturus - Aspera hiems symfonia Celtic frost - Morbid tales, To mega therion Bathory - Under the sign of the black mark...
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    Best Song From Each Album?

    Phantom of the opera Killers 22 acacia avenue Revelations Rime of the ancient mariner Caught somewhere in time Infinite dreams Mother russia Afraid to shoot strangers Judgement of heaven Como estais amigos The thin line between live and hate Dance of death For the greater good of God The final...
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    10 favorite records from each metal genre (one per band).

    Death metal: Cynic - Focus Atheist - Piece of time Pestilence - Malleus maleficarum Morbid angel - Altars of madness Death - Induvidual thought patterns Gorefest - Erase Napalm death - Scum Possessed - Beyond the gates Entombed - Left hand path Deicide - Deicide