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    Pain Of Salvation

    Well, new album Panther out August 28th. I have of course ordered it. Three singles are currently out, the title track (awesome!), Restless boy (interesting) and Accelerator (odd but enjoyable). we’ll never know what to expect from these guys before each album, but the first three songs are very...
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    Martin Birch passed away

    That sucks. He was such a brilliant producer
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    Where does Iron Maiden stand in your top 10 bands of all time?

    I dont really have any ranking on my favorite band, but lets say they will always be a top 10 band
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    Sonata Arctica

    Saw them live last November, and it ended up being quite a nice show. Tommy really kicks ass, he is their secret weapon in my opinion. Ecliptica and Silence are my favorites of course, but I like all their stuff really
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    Anyone else looking forward to S&M 2?
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    Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Ayreon, Star One etc.)

    Finally something to look forward to music-wise in 2020
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    Ripping the videos from the 1998 Enhanced CDs

    No, they only contain the regular promovideoes, a small biography about the album (Most of, if not all of that content comes from the Run to the hills book) and photo galleries
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    Black Metal

    There is a very nice and long interview with Abbath at the Norwegian paper Dagbladet today. It’s only in Norwegian, but he is now totally clean from alcohol and amphetamine, he hit rock bottom on the American tour last year. That night with the gig in Buenos Aires was a total disaster from he...
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    Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Ayreon, Star One etc.)

    yes I agree, it has too much vocals I think. Not a lot of room for the music to get carried away like on previous albums
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    Your Top 5 favorite movies

    I could easily have said Star Wars, Lord of the rings/Hobbit and Indiana Jones movies (I reqlly love all those series), but I will try to pick five different movies: Godfather Taxi driver A clockwork orange Deer hunter The conversation
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    Favorite "Bald Metal" Albums

    It must be Old Man’s Child - In definance of existence. There is a band photo of all three members Galder, Nicholas Barker and Jardar in the booklet, and they are all bald...
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    You know you're bored at work when.....

    When you have copied every “Listen with Nicko“ onto your Walkman/IPod, and you are learning all the words with Nicko’s accent. Or when you are troubleshooting with computer, and the SW you’re working with hangs itself because you need a Java update (yes, it happened today!)
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    3 best sounding albums you own

    Oh, this is a hard one... one must be something by Arjen Lucassen, he’s a superb producer. I really like the downtuned seven string guitars and Hammond organs on Victims of the modern world, but his solo album Lost in the new real is probably his best produced album. Also Devin Towsend band -...
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    Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Ayreon, Star One etc.)

    Irene or Floor Jansen
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    Anyone into their LEGO ???

    I pushed support. I love both Maiden and Lego so why not.