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    ey.... I am drunk at this very moment. It is a strange feeling... almost like I'm driving a car, but I'm steering from the backseat. I'm watching the world from the backseat  :bigsmile: Been  awhile since I posted here, and posted on this forum :)
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    You know you're WAYYYY to much of a Maiden fan when....

    ...when you start bitching and harassing other people that do not listen to Iron Maiden; telling that what they're listening to is not metal etc. souce: YouTube comments
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    The Transitive Property of Music Appreciation

    I don't think so. Appreciation is not something that can be represented mathematically. Some songs have different properties that makes them good for different reasons. I can never decide if I like Revelations or The Aftermath the most.
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    explain your nicks please

    Re: Tell us about your username Mine is a misspelling of the word raumeren. Before Norway was united, one kingdom was called Romerike / Raumariki, and the people were called ''raumere''. The -en ending is the same as the. So the name is saing The Raumer. A little bit of trivia for ya ;)
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    Album production, overall sound - loudness war?

    You bereave the deep and dynamic sound of a record. If it's done too much (like Death Magnetic) then the tops (the ones that were loud from before) will be cut off; this means you'll get alot of clicking and sparkling in your ears. It's better to mix it with lower volume, then you get the...
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    On repetitive choruses

    Seventh Son of a Seventh Son: good and varied song (the first and second halves are really different) For the Greater Good of God: a very formulatic and boring song (in my opinion of course:)) This is important, because even though they both have the same repetitive chorus, Seventh Son... don't...
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    Album production, overall sound - loudness war?

    Watch: EDIT: ... re=related (it uses Maiden as an example)
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    Rank the Iron Maiden albums game

    The X-Factor, Seventh Son... and A Matter...
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    Favorite Maiden Album (2010 Edition, voting closed)

    Seventh Son... is special to me, because it was the first Maiden album I ''got into'' 100%, but I now think The X-Factor is their best. It's just more real; heavy mood, sorrowful leads, depressing lyrics... it just seems like they guys thought ''We know we created something true and unique, so...
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    Maiden's Norwegian bar tab

    That's norwegian prices for ya  :innocent:
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    Favorite bands

    Draconian Anathema Theatre of Tragedy Burzum Darkthrone Mayhem Iron Maiden
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    Lyrics on the X Factor

    I nearly forgot about Look for the Truth! (It's been a while) That songs has got my favourite lyrics by Iron Maiden. The songs structure and mood may not fit the whole, but if you read the lyrics like a poem... just perfect. ''In the house of my soul, in rooms of ugliness and cold''
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    Lyrics on the X Factor

    Most of the lyrics (from that song) are quotes from the movie Apocalypse Now. And when did Maiden write good lyrics anyway? :P It turns out that the most thought-provoking lyrics (Hallowed...) were ''borrowed'' from another band. I like the The X Factor lyrics because they sound honest, they are...
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    I wish credits would say who writes what.

    I usually get the impression that Steve's biggest contribution to the individual songs are the melodies (instrumental and vocals). But I'd like to think that he writes many songs mostly alone these days; I mean, he wrote the two first albums practically on his own.
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    Steve's bass playing and Nicko's drumming on TFF.

    Re: Steve's bass playing on TFF. I know next to nothing about music (let alone bass), but I noticed it alot more than AMoLaD - it's more upfront I think