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    Speaking of Latin American literature, I wonder if you've read Roberto Bolano's 2666. I've head that it's a huge, very complex and layered book, and I wanted to try that one too.
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    LOU REED & METALLICA - Lulu (out on October 31, 2011)

    Re: METALLICA just finished recording an album with LOU REED! I essentially agree with bearfan. It sounds unlikely enough to be either a good record or a failure.
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    What do you think is the best book by Orson Scott Card? I'd like to read something written by him.
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    Say Something Nice About Another Country

    The Netherlands: Very friendly and relaxed people. Great artists. Flowers.
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    Holy Smoke

    The last verse is puzzling to me. "Friend of the president, trick of the tail"?, "they can have a Lincoln for their bed"? I'm not American so I might not be getting those references for that reason, can anybody explain?
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    Yeah, if I remember correctly they changed the title to Blade Runner but kept the novel's name as a subtitle.
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    I watched Blade Runner a few days ago. Very interesting. I didn't care much for Harrison Ford's Deckard, but Rutger Hauer was cool as Roy Batty. I'm still looking up as many websites as possible with regards to the themes and symbolism of the movie, but it should be an interesting sight even on...
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    Finished reading The Handmaid's Tale. What can I say? It's a wonderful book. It doesn't leave you in the same state of frightened paranoia as 1984, but it gets close. I would recommend it to all fans of dystopian and alternate history literature. It also has a psychological depth that adds to...
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    Out of the Silent Planet

    Re: Daily Song: Out of the Silent Planet I'm puzzled they didn't play this song that much. I think the chorus gets repeated a bit too much, otherwise I'd give it a 9.
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    Then I'm definitely checking out those two books as soon as I can. Along with The Handmaid's Tale i bought Heart Of Darkness. I also plan on reading the entirety of Sixes' last purchase  :edmetal:
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    100 years of solitude -who is your fav character?

    My favorite characters are Melquiades and Col. Aureliano Buendia. The first has this cryptic, mysterious aura about him. And he's almost a God-like figure in the novel's universe: the ending of the book conjures a feeling of what I'd call "epic tragedy", so unlike any other novel. Aureliano, on...
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    The Mercenary

    I like it, but for me, it doesn't go any farther than 6.5/10
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    The Fallen Angel

    I really like this song. For me, it's a 8/10. I like that arrogant, crunchy riff and the epic chorus. It's always quite uplifting to listen to this song  :rocker:
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    I think I will get that one too. I'm still looking for good alternate history or dystopian novels and I found The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. I think I'm going to read this one next.
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    Ghost of the Navigator

    Re: Daily Song: Ghost of the Navigator I don't listen to it as much as I used to, but it's a very good song. 8/10. My favorite part is the pre-chorus.  :shred: