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    Pass the fucking jam!

    Pass the fucking jam!
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    Kevin Shirley’s production of Senjutsu

    Fine, but not great as the above user stated. But not dreadful, either. Seems every album from BNW to now, someone has a gripe at Caveman's production. But I don't think it's his fault. BNW: Absolutely fantastic production, master and mix. DOD: Very brickwalled. Personally doesn't bother me...
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    Steve Harris

    I don't live in a big city but I am a 45 min train ride outside London.
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    Hell On Earth

    An emotional album closer. Great song. This view may now be a bit redundant now we know that this album likely *wont* be the final album (Bruce revealed that the band were thinking of recording a second album before common sense dictated that they should release the album they already had...
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    Steve Harris

    I have "moments" during a show. Normally when Blood Brothers is playing. The last few times I saw them play this, Bruce had something to say regarding a recent tragedy - and he used the song as a message and anthem. I was a blubbering wreck on these occasions. Always moves me.
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    Steve Harris

    This seems a decent life to me!
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    A theory regarding Maiden History part 4

    "Ok, do it!".
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    Steve Harris

    Ah thank you! I have been wondering exactly why he wore this shirt with random words alluding to whale fishing since the 2011 tour!
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    Steve Harris

    It was indeed! It won't be the last, and next time I'll the songs better!
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    Steve Harris

    Fantastic show last night at the Underworld. British Lion are brilliant live - and this will now make me give their albums a second chance. And of course, it was thrilling to have 'Arry himself a mere 2-3 feet away from me! Any Maiden fan can appreciate how exciting that was. Airforce were...
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    Official thread for Final Frontier discussion

    Never played live. Absolutely criminal. I was so looking forward to hearing this live on the TFF tour, to this day I am surprised it's never had an airing.
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    Metal with female vocals

    I absolutely love Lacuna Coil. Cristina Scabbia's vocals are perfect. Great band, and absolutely lovely people to meet.
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    Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree

    Really looking foreward to the Wembley gig next year. Took me a while to get into Steven Wilson's music (I knew him more through Opeth) but after 2015's Hand.Cannot.Erase album - that was it. Really gutted this years tour was canceled. Was really excited to see him in Manchester and London.
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    The Beatles

    I am a huge Beatles and McCartney fan. This year has been fantastic for Fab Four fans: Let It Be boxset, Let It Be documentary and McCartney's The Lyrics (for which I was lucky enough to attend the "In Conversation" event at the Royal Festival Hall), Plastic Ono Band boxset and the All Things...
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    What is the Rarest Song you've seen Iron Maiden perform live?

    Another Life, I'm pretty sure anyway, at the Hammersmith 2005 Clive Aid gig. My first Maiden gig. Then again I suppose for me at least, a large chunk of that tour's set list could be considered "rarely played".