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    He's not on a ventilator yet though. In one, odds of survival appears to be "not great", but varies from sources.
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    Watched 1922 (2017). Based on the novella by Stephen King (in Full Dark, No Stars), starring Thomas Jane. Haven't read the novella, but thought the film was pretty good. One thing should be clear though, this ain't "feel good"...
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    What guitar do you play?

    Super Distortion is nice for pure power, but for overall allround guitarplaying I'd go for a JB. Opinions may vary.
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    Your favorite track from AMOLAD?

    Answered "For the Greater Good of God", but could have gone with "Lord of Light" and "The Legacy" as well. My reasoning? If I would try to explain Maiden's epicness to someone with a track from this record I would choose that. If I could pick any track for the same thing it would "Sign of the...
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    Live-isms: "I wonder why they don't..."

    Agreed... But there's a few reasons why Smith might not be doing it. Namely: 1. He sings backing vocals during the chorus and want to get out from the lead quicker to focus on that. 2. The lead distracts from where the vocals come back in live (where everything's mixed on a...
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    Sooner rather than later the economy will collapse and society won't be able to sustain itself. At this point, there will be no recovery and not much to go back to. We're probably talking months maximum here. Projections for unemployment rates over Europe right now is somewhere around 40%. Long...
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    Coronavirus Worrying study. If they did not die from Covid-19, what's the alternative? Suicides? Crazy flu season...
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    Sweden's doing nothing but limiting events of 500 and more... Which means that venues are doing gigs with 499 (and a half) people attending. Let's see who's right. :cheers:
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    It's primetime for the norovirus during these months as well. Went shopping... Pasta & toilet paper is all gone.
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    I have read far too little about JFK to have anything to say about it, but I think King made the right choice for his story. Would have been a massive shame to have such a novel reduced to being about a conspiracy theory. It would have overshadowed both him as a writer and the actual story here...
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    Watched The Outsider (2020). Began like a super tense police drama thriller, ended in the most B-movie typical Stephen King ending ever. Sour aftertaste. The best King stories survive while the plot crumbles because of great characters. Sadly this is too weak in that department, and Ben...
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    Watched Locke & Key Season 1 (2020) on Netflix. Loved it. A fantastic series I just hope to see more of... Full of: atmosphere, great music, interesting story. For fans of: Stranger Things.
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    Saw 1917 (2019) at the pictures yesterday. More the experience of 2 hour nightmare set during WWI than a particularly realistic war film - there really isn't much of a story or many deep themes to discuss here. The 2 leads are paper-thin characters who exists only to have someone to follow, and...
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    Steve Harris

    Definitely not well educated by most standards. Intelligent - absolutely, but also stubborn. Still well respected and likeable enough to get the gigs and people to continue playing with him, being the guy who gets things done. Not unlike many others who've made it in the business.
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    Favourite song that Janick Gers and Steve Harris made

    Thought you guys could help me with something: Some comments on a Youtube-video stated "Lord of the Flies" was written during the Fear of the Dark-sessions. (I think it was one of the uploads of the Death on the Road-performance.) Misinformation, an attempt to discredit Blaze-era Maiden or...