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    Please post reviews and thoughts on Senjutsu here

    If you own the album then I cant see a problem with sharing it :P I really would like some feedback on my recut version
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    Please post reviews and thoughts on Senjutsu here

    This may be controversial for some but I did a recut of the whole album(the only songs untouched are Days of future past and Stratego) down to 57 minutes. Cut some very repetive parts,some intros and some vocal parts where Bruce's singing is very hard on the ears(imo). And also Death of the...
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    Songs that could have been hits with a better chorus

    Is there any songs where a bad chorus destroys an otherwise brilliant song? A few comes to mind : Invaders: Amazing song but a very weird chorus Loneliness of the long distance runner: Although I think this should have been a ballad all the way throuh its still a badass song except for the...
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    Change some of the Maiden setlists

    Maiden England 2013 (somewhere in time+7th son played in their entirety) Moonchild Caught somewhere in Time Infinite Dreams Wasted Years Can I play with Madness Sea of Madness The Evil That Men Do Heaven Can Wait Seventh Son of a Seventh Son The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner The...
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    Iron Maiden songs that you flat out dislike?

    Sanctuary!! Iron Maiden Wrathchild Another Life The Duellists Heaven can wait The Unbeliever All of Virtual XI except Futureal, Clansman and Como estais amigos The Apparition The Nomad Face in the sand No more lies! All of AMOLAD except Different World and Out of the shadows Mother of Mercy The...
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    TBOS Tour Predictions

    I hope for something like this: If eternity should fail Speed of light Infinite Dreams 22 Acacia avenue Death or Glory Sea of Madness Book of Souls Children of the Damned Out of the silent Planet Tears of a clown Still Life Purgatory Stranger in a Strange Land The Fugitive Encore: Charlott the...
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    And the 2013 setlist was....

    Not playing Infinite dreams and Still life was a serious crime and such a missed opportunity. Nevertheless the show was awesome and it was great to hear songs like Seventh son, Prisoner, Moonchild and Clairvoyant. I would have ditched NOTB, FOTD, RTTH, Trooper, Phantom and Running free. Instead...
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    Create your own Iron Maiden setlist!

    1 Invaders 2 Purgatory 3 Infinite Dreams 4 Sea of Madness 5 Children of the Damned 6 Back in the Village 7 No prayer for the Dying 8 Stranger in a Strange Land 9 Childhoods End 10 Only the Good die Young 11 Run silent run Deep 12 Still Life 13 Be Quick or be Dead 14 22 Acacia Avenue 15 Deja vu...
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    Your Top 10 Maiden Songs

    1 infinite Dreams 2 Children of the damned 3 revelations 4 wasted years 5 22 acacia Avenue 6 stranger in strange land 7 Only the Good die Young 8 the prisoner 9 no prayer for the dying 10 invaders (no kidding!)
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    will the next greatest hits tour be a remake Donnington '92?

    Be Quick or be Dead Childhoods End Still Life No prayer for the Dying The Fugitive Infinite Dreams Run Silent Run Deep Children of the Damned Tailgunner Only the Good die Young Wasting Love Public Enema no 1 Judas be my Guide Iron Maiden Fear of the Dark From here to Eternity Alexander the Great
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    Worst Iron Maiden Song

    Sanctuary!!! Worst song ever
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    Dream Setlist

    If they did a 90's tour I would like a setlist like this: Be Quick or be Dead Childhoods End Look for the Truth No prayer for the Dying The Fugitive Judgement of Heaven Run Silent Run Deep Blood on the World's Hands Tailgunner The Educated Fool Wasting Love Como Estais Amigos Judas be my Guide...
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    Any Ideas On A New Album

    On the next album they need to focus more on Bruces vocals. I'm not talking lyrics but better vocal melodies. On the last few albums the vocals sound very stale,dry and boring he needs to sing more freely(such as he do on songs like Can I play with madness or Stranger in a Strange Land). He...
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    "Final Tour" Setlist

    I hope they bring out some rarely or never played songs for the hardcore fans but also for new fans who never have had the chance to hear those "forgotten" gems before. Caught somewhere in Time Purgatory Still Life Out of the silent Planet Flight of Icarus Children of the Damned Run to the...