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    Favourite Blaze Bayley co-written track

    ''When Two Worlds Collide'' is one of my favorite songs. Amazing melodies! ''Futureal'' is on close second.
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    Helloween - Deliver Us From Temptation And this is a bonus song? Brutal song! Wild Deris! :rocker:
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    Best 3 songs from each album from any band you want

    IRON MAIDEN Iron Maiden: Prowler, Phantom Of The Opera, Running Free Killers: Wrathchild, Killers, Drifter The Number Of The Beast: Hallowed Be Thy Name, The Number Of The Beast, The Prisoner Piece Of Mind: The Trooper, Flight Of Icarus, Revelations Powerslave: Powerslave, Aces High, Rime Of...
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    Some of Joacim favorite live albums are: Maiden - Live After Death (1985)..... (''Iron Maiden live is an experience and I always want to see them when they come''). Priest - Unleashed In The East (1979) Saxon - The Eagle Has Landed (1982)
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    The first single (+video) from the upcoming album will be released on 2nd of October - the song is called ''The Undertaker''.
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    Judas Priest

    The making of Painkiller with Scott Travis. Interesting long interview.
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    A birthday party at a Theater filled with Maidens & Saints

    Happy Birthday! :hbd:
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    Guitar solos on "A Matter of Life and Death"

    Favorite solos in AMOLAD: Adrian - Different World (so melodic - one of his best solos), BTATS (another great melodic (slow) solo), OOTS (great bluesy solo), Lord Of Light (I like this unexpected improvisation). Dave - TROBB (classic sounding solo for him), his solo in TCDR is also good...
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    Guitar solos on Brave New World

    My favorite solos in the BNW album are: Adrian's solo in TWM, both solos in BNW and of course, Janick's solo in Blood Brothers. Btw, is this the album with the least solos from Adrian and the most solos from Janick ?
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    Iron Maiden pictures

    Nicko has the best view ever... :lol:
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    The X Factor Awards

    Best song: Judgement Of Heaven Worst song: The Unbeliever Surprisingly good song: 2 A.M. Most disappointing song: Fortunes Of War Best moment: the instrumental part of JOH Best lyrics: Sign Of The Cross Best line: ''Standing alone in the wind and rain, Feeling the fear that is growing'' Best...
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    Powerslave Awards

    Best song: Powerslave Worst song: Losfer Words (Big 'Orra) Surprisingly good song: The Duellists Most disappointing song: Losfer Words (Big 'Orra) Best moment: the instrumental part on ROTAM Best lyrics: Rime Of The Ancient Mariner Best line: ''Into the Abyss I'll fall - the eye of Horus...
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    Iron Maiden News, Links, and Interviews

    Sadly, the two songs are not full, but the footage is great. Btw, Steve is with his red bass here (which kinda looks pink..). I think he used this bass with Maiden only during AMOLAD and STOAST tours.
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    Favourite Murray/non-Harris songs

    ''Judas Be My Guide'' - lost classic! One of the best songs from the 90's.
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    Helloween & Gamma Ray

    Helloween films first music video for the upcoming album.