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    Maiden studio album shoot-out, Part 7

    Somewhere In Time is a great, top 5 Maiden album, but Powerslave is an excellent, top 2 Maiden album, rivaled only by Seventh Son.
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    LOL. I’m guessing they were going for the plague doctor motif, but it wouldn’t really look like Vic anymore with a bird mask on.
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    Ray Alder / Mark Zonder project. I hear some “Heaven Can Wait” in there…
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    Maiden studio album shoot-out, Part 6

    NPFTD is way more consistent, even if its highs aren’t as high as many of the other albums. I’ve never been particularly fond of the debut, either.
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    Try Lindemans Framboise sometime, especially if it’s on tap. You will be enraptured.
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    Maiden studio album shoot-out, Part 5

    Yep. Never cared for the song much. Terrible phrasing on the verse, generally uninspired. “The Parchment” is the song “To Tame A Land” tried and failed to be.
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    Maiden studio album shoot-out, Part 5

    Both are great albums overall with some killer tracks and some lesser ones, but Piece Of Mind has more merely OK songs on it (e.g. “Quest For Fire” and “To Tame A Land”) while Senjutsu has the 1-2 masterpiece knockout of “The Parchment” and “Hell On Earth”. Gotta go with Senjutsu.
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    Queensryche & Geoff Tate

    Interesting, I felt like it was The Verdict that finally stuck the landing after Condition Hüman showed real promise. I go back to The Verdict regularly, but not as often to its predecessor.
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    Queensryche & Geoff Tate

    “In Extremis”, the first single from Digital Noise Alliance. Sounds good!
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    Maiden studio album shoot-out, Part 4

    The Final Frontier by a mile. An uneven Bruce-era album can still handily trounce either Blaze-era album.
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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

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    Maiden studio album shoot-out, Part 3

    The Number Of The Beast by a fair margin. I think both albums are a bit overrated and only about 1/2 killer with some obvious filler, but TNOTB’s highs are higher than BNW’s.
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    ❤❤❤️‍❤ Dating Advice For MaidenFans Thread ❤️‍❤❤❤

    So did you achieve “mission accomplished” with Special Ops Girl before the end, or will you live with regret from here on out…?
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    The Concert Thread

    They’re the side project from Kevin Ridley of Skyclad.
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    Maiden studio album shoot-out, Part 2

    The Book Of Souls, easily - Dance Of Death is the worst of the reunion albums by a decent margin.