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    Maidenfans Meetups 2019

    I've heard others say the same......
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    Maidenfans Meetups 2019

    Decided to give the Trooper VIP thing a try for the Tacoma gig. Travelling to the show alone and no decent pubs in the area = ideal time to give it a go.
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    Maidenfans Meetups 2019

    Yeah, it looks like mainly eateries near the Bowl rather than pubs. Might need to explore a bit. Good luck with the FTTB draw!
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    Maidenfans Meetups 2019

    I've found myself a cheap room for the night, about one mile from the Tacoma Dome. I'm keen to meet up with others that will be at the Tacoma show! I don't know the area, will look for a nearby bar etc.
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    Maidenfans Meetups 2019

    Great, thanks for the reply Collin. I spoke with my family - they want to stay in Seattle rather than in Tacoma as there are more family-friendly things to do there. So I'm going to try to find a cheap room in a YMCA or similar rather than pay for a second hotel room. Long shot time - is...
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    Maidenfans Meetups 2019

    Hi all - I'm going to the Tacoma gig on the 5th of September. Trying to decide where to stay. My family wants to stay in downtown Seattle; I would then take bus/train to and from the concert. My question is: is this a realistic option? I can't find information about bus/train that would get me...
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    Legacy of the beast pinball machine

    To be fair, these machines are expensive to manufacture and are built in small numbers - pushing the retail price up further. Plus, of course, Maiden needs to take their licencing slice. They're mainly intended to be placed within a business like a bar rather than sit in someone's living room.
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    Iron Maiden on top of the pops UK

    I was there for the Run to the Hills performance. They did the song three times, Bruce asked for the third and final take as he wasn't happy with his performance one the first two. It was a great crowd; all FC members as it was a special recording just for Run to the Hills rather than being a...
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    Maidenfans Meetups 2019

    I'm taking my family to the Vancouver show, and heading to the Tacoma gig by myself. I'm keen to meet up for Tacoma, especially if people are interested in travelling from Seattle as a group.
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    License Plates MAIDEN

    I have PWR5LV on my electric vehicle. Highlights my love of Maiden and bad puns.
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    Legacy of the Beast Tour Second Leg Rumours & Discussions

    So, Bruce was just a live guest star on the New Zealand TV show The Project. He was talking about the Legacy of the Beast tour. He said "we obviously haven't brought this tour to New Zealand........ YET." Colour me excited!!
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    Maiden United

    Wow, I just listened to the ep. Amazing version of the song. For the first time I consider a cover to be superior to the original Maiden recording. They have put so much effort into this release, brilliantly melding the music with story telling. Wudstik sounds fantastic too! So much emotion in...
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    Charlotte the Harlot and Inflation Rates

    Perhaps the 15 quid is some sort of combo deal? So in '82 the one flat fee paid for both services, which represents good value for the customer. Must have made transaction logistics more difficult though. Handing over a five or ten pound note is nice and simple. Dealing with a twenty is a...
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    Vocalists that were auditioned for Bruce Dickinson's replacement in 1993

    Thanks for sharing, that was an excellent listen :-)
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    What are the IM-related items that you've bought but never listen to/watch/use?

    I am currently at my desk, at work, wearing a Somewhere Back In Time tour shirt. I am a manager within a large IT consultancy. Lots of metal fans here, so I get more compliments than grief. Actually helped forge a couple of new friendships with people that I wouldn't normally interact with.