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    Your favorite track from AMOLAD?

    Last 4 tracks are the best, especialy last 3, masterpieces.
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    Little musical cues that you love

    I adore short underline melody that starts around 3:01 i chorus in Out of the Silent Planet
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    Create your own Iron Maiden setlist!

    1. Prowler 2. Killers 3. Phantom of the Opera 4. 22 Acaccia Avenue 5. Still Life 6. Powerslave 7. Alexander the Great 8. Only the Good Die Young 9. No Prayer for the Dying 10. Out of the Silent Planet 11. The Legacy 12. The Book of Souls 13. Hallowed Be Thy Name 14. The Trooper 15. Fear of the Dark
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    Maiden songs with a 10/10 rating

    1. Prowler 2. Killers 3. The Number of The Beast 4. Revelations 5. Still Life 6. Aces High 7. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 8. Caught Somewhere in Time 9. Alexander the Great 10. Infinite Dreams 11. The Evil That Man Do 12. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son 13. The Clairvoyant 14. No Prayer For The...
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    the top 3 songs on dance of death other than Paschendale?

    1. Rainmaker 2. Dance of Death 3. Gates of Tomorrow ( )
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    Legacy of the Beast Tour 2018 - CONTAINS SPOILERS

    Maybe these days I prefer studio albums and new stuff more than concerts.
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    Legacy of the Beast Tour 2018 - CONTAINS SPOILERS

    I don’t personally care for balanced setlist, I’m really honestly bored with some classic song, I can’t act euphoric if I’m not feeling it, but i came on FTGGOG and Wicker Man touch me more than I thought it will.
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    Legacy of the Beast Tour 2018 - CONTAINS SPOILERS

    Thank you, you’re right. I can’t imagine how is listening to this songs on your 43rd concert, I would probably be asleep. It’s very fresh hearing songs that are not overplayed, I know there are prople which are there for the first time and they want hear the classics but I think compromise...
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    Legacy of the Beast Tour 2018 - CONTAINS SPOILERS

    So...2 days ago I was in Zagreb on Maiden concert...what to say...this is my 4th time on Maiden (2008 on SBIT, 2013 on ME, 2016 on TBOS and this one), for me somehow most enjoyable was actually TBOS tour because it was full of new songs which I prefer...I swear I can't hear anymore The Trooper...
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    Alternate Album Titles

    1. Law...or Not 2. Wratchild 3. Damnation 4. Dread 5. Power and Glory 6. Sands of Time 7. The Prophecy 8. Tailgunner 9. Graveyard 10. Lifleless 11. Decay 12. Rebirth 13. Macabre 14. Battlefield 15. Theory of Life 16. Civillization Collapse
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    Bruce's Best Sung Lines

    ''I'm coming back I will return And I'll possess your body and I'll make you burn I have the fire I have the force I have the power to make my evil take its course'' ''The killing fields, the grinding wheels crushed by equilibrium Separate lives no more disguise, no more second chances Haggard...
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    Your Maiden blasphemy

    I'm not fan od Paschendale, Hallowed be Thy Name, Stranger in a Strange Land. I love Gates of Tomorrow.
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    Iron Maiden: individual album judgement by yours truly

    Prowler 9 Sanctuary 7 Remember Tomorrow 8 Running Free 4 Phantom of the Opera 9 Transylvania 8 Strange World 8 Charlotte the Harlot 6 Iron Maiden 5 Album Average 7.1
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    Killers: individual album judgement by yours truly

    The Ideas Of March: 7 Wrathchild: 9 Murders In The Rue Morgue: 7 Another Life: 6 Genghis Khan: 7 Innocent Exile: 6 Killers: 10 Prodigal Son: 7 Purgatory: 8 Twilight Zone: 7 Drifter: 6 Album Average: 7,27