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    TNOTB/BOH triple vinyl: Will you buy it or not?

    A guy on SH forum wrote that it uses the 2015 digital remaster, but the statement was unsourced, nothing official, couldn’t confirm.
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    TNOTB/BOH triple vinyl: Will you buy it or not?

    Well, how does it sound? I agree with the comments that the previous 2014 vinyl remaster of TNOB was thin-sounding and not as good as the other vinyl remasters of that period. I have read they used a different remaster for this release, but I’m not sure. Also, the 2002 CD of BoH from Eddie’s...
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    Best New Music - 2022 edition

    New music from Royal Thunder and the incredible Mlny Parsonz. 'Bout feckin' time! While we're at it, this isn't from 2022, not even a little bit, but I only discovered it yesterday. It's my favorite thing on the Internet right now:
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    Judas Priest

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    I mean, I figure we all know about this already, right? But I don't see any posts about it in this thread, so, just in case... FYI, this is happening:
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    Some of those are weird, very mid-market locations. A few big cities (e.g., Toronto, San Diego) that make obvious sense but...Huntsville? Peoria? Saginaw??
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    Judas Priest

    Les Binks is one of the three drummers included, along with Dave Holland and Scott Travis. Simon Phillips is not. Nor, for that matter, are Stumpy Peeps, Eric "Stumpy Joe" Childs, Peter James Bond, or Mick Shrimpton.
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    Judas Priest

    Yeah, I kinda wonder what went on here, maybe a group of Hall voters got annoyed that Priest was getting snubbed and said fine, screw you, we are putting them in anyway under a different category—I dunno. Perhaps more details will come out. Anyway, Halford issued a statement in which he seemed...
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    Judas Priest

    I agree with pretty much all the hate for the Rock ‘n‘ Roll Hall of Fame, but I must admit, I do feel just a little bit better about the world today knowing that Judas Priest got in. They are under a special category, “Musical Excellence,” which is different than the “Performer” category in...
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    the most beautiful building in world in your opinion is?

    I realize this is a pretty "Joe Tourist" answer, but it's tough to top Neuschwanstein Castle: As for individual residences, I also think it's hard to top Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater. Both make brilliant use of their natural surroundings.
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    Best New Music - 2022 edition

    Was the YouTube video the Banger one with Blaine? If so, that’s where I learned of it too. Pretty fun record. But not exactly cheese-free.
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    Best New Music - 2022 edition

    Can one infer something from the fact that much of the discussion of the new Ghost record has transitioned from the Ghost thread to the “Best New Music—2022” thread? Yes. Yes, I think one can. “Spillways” is a truly fantastic pop/rock song. Soooo catchy.
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    Now Playing (Video Games)

    It has been a while since I played it, but if I recall correctly, the PS4 version released in 2018 (and recently released for PC, I think) is not too far from what you describe. But it shifted from Greek to Norse mythology.
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    Maiden vinyls

    What, you didn’t buy the Blaze albums first?? :lol:
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    is Chicago worth a vacation for a week?

    Yes, Chicago is a fantastic city. All the things Jer mentioned, plus the best of all: The Art Institute of Chicago, which rivals the Met in NY as the best art museum in the U.S. (It’s famous for its Impressionist collection.) The food is incredible, there are a lot of cool live music venues...