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    The Concert Thread

    So I posted in the 1,000,000 thread that I’m going to move to Vegas in a few days. Unfortunately this means that I am forgoing on my Ghost concert in Spokane. I decided to download bandsintown and I am amazed at all the artists coming to play the Vegas area. It’s pretty rare that I get a few...
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    How Many Times Have You Seen Maiden Live?

    I’m probably drawing a blank here, but what happened at this show?
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    Queensryche & Geoff Tate

    I have a hard time listening to Q2k and Tribe. Both are pretty awful.
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    I'm going to continue my Tool reviews up until the new album. @Diesel 11 Where's yours? Also I'm not rating the interludes. Ænima - 1996 1. Stinkfist - Weird drums to start, followed up by one of Tool's best riffs. Tool uses anal fisting as a metaphor. The breakdown in the middle is god...
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    How Many Times Have You Seen Maiden Live?

    Give me another year and I will. Soon to be 9 shows in a couple weeks...
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    Queensryche & Geoff Tate

    Now that I look at it more Geoff Tate kind of looks like Sloth.
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    Queensryche & Geoff Tate

    Not to mention @Jer. The tattoo of Chris Degarmo, he looks like he's anorexic and possibly a ghoul.
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    Queensryche & Geoff Tate

    Do it Jer...
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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

    Sure thing. MaidenFans meetup at Collin’s place.
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    A lot of those will be gone by the day of the show. Probably not the nosebleeds, but a lot of the stuff in the lower bowl for sure. I knew it was fake news all along.
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    Create a Setlist: Any band you want!

    Collin's way too early Tool 'Fear Inculum' tour setlist. 1. Fear Inoculum 2. Pneuma 3. The Pot 4. Descending 5. Culling Voices 6. Schism 7. Invincible 8. Jambi 9. Sober 10. 7empest -- 11. Chocolate Chip Trip 12. 46 & 2 13. Stinkfist
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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

    What else qualifies as an un-Vegas thing?
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    Official American Football Thread

    I'd do it. I usually play only one but that sounds fun.
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    Interesting choice going with Greta Van Fleet as the opener.
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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

    I am actually moving to Las Vegas in a week. I will be selling insurance. Fortunately I can still attend my 3 maiden shows, all I had to do was exchange a flight (which was actually cheaper). Unfortunately I will be unable to attend the Ghost concert in Spokane, too expensive to fly back for a...