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    Fates Warning + Arch / Matheos

    The new Arch/Matheos album is out and damn is it a stunner! It's a lot to take in too, but so far my favorite tracks are probably Pitch Black Prism and Kindred Spirits.
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    Iced Earth

    I'm moving to Okinawa, Japan pretty soon, so it'll probably be awhile before I get to see any of the bands I really like live again.
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    The Angel and the Gambler

    God, I love you right now, man. I wrote these comments over at DTF about my thoughts on The Angel and the Gambler... This is far and away Iron Maiden's worst song. 1/10, easily.
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    Yeah, Ghost killed it live when they opened for Maiden at the show I went to last week.
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    The Official Book of Souls Tour 2017 Thread (Warning: Spoilers Within)

    I won't be at the show tonight, but I'll be going to the show on Friday! Looking forward to seeing the band live again! :nana:
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    Iced Earth

    I just made a Witherfall thread, but I really wanted to pop in here and throw in my support for Jake Dreyer. Dude's by far and away the best lead guitarist Iced Earth's ever had. I highly recommend Iced Earth fans checking Witherfall out, especially if they're fans of early IE albums like Night...
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    This album is far and away my favorite album of 2017 so far. One of the best debut albums I've heard in quite awhile. I know that @Night Prowler posted the album link in the Iced Earth thread awhile back, as Witherfall's guitarist is the new lead guitarist in Iced Earth. Personally, while I...
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    Fates Warning + Arch / Matheos

    Well, first off, I'd ask you what other albums you've heard by Fates Warning? Because while I adore A Pleasant Shade of Grey and am in agreement with many other fans that it's one of their top efforts, it's very important to recognize that Fates Warning is a band that has gone through a lot of...
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    Fates Warning + Arch / Matheos

    Awww yes! :shred:
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    Fates Warning + Arch / Matheos

    First song off the album released! Sounds fantastic! Ray hasn't sounded this great in ages!
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    "The Book of Souls" - Official pre-release thread (CONTAINS ALBUM SPOILERS)

    It's a divisive song. Personally, I think it's easily the weakest song on the album and Steve's worst epic in at least a decade. However, as shown by the adoration in other posts, your mileage may vary.
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    The Red And The Black

    That's fine. Ultimately, I think TRatB and Empire are going to be the two divisive songs off the album. A lot of fans of TRatB don't seem to be as keen for Empire, while a lot of fans of Empire don't seem fond of TRatB either. Then there's others like Travis, who think that both songs are...
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    The Red And The Black

    I don't mind atypical songwriting. In fact, atypical song structures are very common in prog rock/metal. TRatB could have been a superb prog metal song, I think, had Steve taken more time to work out the kinks. It just feels like he came up with a very basic first draft of that potential song...
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    The Red And The Black

    I'm not surprised at all; the thing is that this song has a ton of great ideas. There's a lot of great riffs in the song. The source of the division is how Steve executed the song as a whole. To some, it's sheer perfection. To others, such as myself, it feels rushed and very unsorted. I think...