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    The inevitable 1990s tour after Book of Souls Tour ends

    If they want to sell more albums and video discs (or whatever tangible medium is actually sold these days) , then the band should play lots of Blaze material that was never performed by Bruce before. All the fans will want to buy/own copies of that. Well, just about anything other than the Angel...
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    Darn! I thought this thread was finally going to shed some light on Steve's decision to streamline things back in 1990, almost entirely prompted by the jealousy he felt towards Guns & Roses and their enormous success in America . . . OR his decision to recruit Blaze Bayley solely because Blaze...
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    Hey, were is BNW on iTunes?

    hmmm... Maybe a re-release is on the way ? Now with more compression and brickwalling !!
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    Whats wrong with NPFTD And FOTD albums?

    On all the prior albums (especially all those with Bruce), the band and their music somehow always seemed unique and larger-than-life. On these albums, they mostly sounded like just another hard rock act.
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    WHY did they strip-down the sound for No Prayer??

    Oh... and while I am on the topic of cynical theories... I contend that Maiden picked Blaze to be their frontman in the mid-90s solely because his baritone voice was comparable to all those fashionable grunge singers (in America) at the time and the band was desperately trying to remain...
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    WHY did they strip-down the sound for No Prayer??

    Has anyone ever heard exactly WHY the band decided to "strip down" their sound for the NO PRAYER album?? Whenever I read about this period in books or articles, the explanation seems to be glossed over. Sure, I understand that they wanted to go against the epic nature of their previous few...
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    Bruce Undergoes Cancer Treatment (ALL CLEAR AS OF 2022)

    This is like John Holmes getting cancer on his... uh... well, you get the idea. :(
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    a three-album tour... a three-album tour...

    YES has been touring in recent years playing three complete albums. If Maiden decided to do the same thing... What three albums would you like to see played in their entirety? (And inspired by a recent thread about worst potential setlists) What three albums would you find the least...
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    Maiden to "reveal secret plans" in next issue of Metal Hammer (it's the air show)

    I am fairly certain that the band plans to re-record the album VIRTUAL XI in its entirety with a completely different title, new artwork, Bruce on Vocals, and Nicko actually on drums ... mostly as a lark to see if anybody in the music media realizes it.
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    Janick's view, 11 years later

    Oddly enough, I always felt that Blaze was chosen for the MAIDEN job because of his vocal style being in the guttural lower register -- which happened to be similar in range to many of the fashionable grunge singers at that time. Granted, this attempt didn't help to boost low album sales in...
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    Iron Maiden's most progressive song?

    Specifically the instrumental part in the song Seventh Son is a direct path to Dream Theater.
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    Based on how this is worded, we very well could get a 90's history tour.

    If they really want to be daring, they could do a STYX-like tour and play a few albums in their entirety! I'm thinking ACCIDENT OF BIRTH and... well... preferably anything besides THE ORIGINAL IRON MEN (1 or 2).
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    Best Live Maiden song

    It definitely has to be "The Angel and the Gambler" from their May 1998 show in Spain. Oh, who am I kidding ?? Of course it wasn't that !! It was actually the legendary rendition of that song from their September 1998 gig in Sweden. Now THAT has to be their absolute apex...
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    Recycled Songs?

    I've always thought that, with some creative consolidating, the band should have combined "Losfer Words" with "The Duellists" since both tunes have that similar ("Where Eagles Dare"-like) overall feel on the same album (or at least they should've placed them further apart in the track order).
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    5 Least Favorite Maiden albums, 3 Least Favorite from each

    I'm definitely with you on the selection of these two albums as "least favorite" by far. I don't ever listen to either of these albums... so I can't even rank the worst 3 songs on each. After that, my next two "least favorite" are probably Fear of the Dark and No Prayer for the Dying. I...