The Wicker Man alternate version


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I have 3 different editions of the cd single The Wickerman released in 2000. Two of them are straight cd releases (part 1 and 2) and feature the album track plus two live tracks from the Ed Hunter tour in 1999. The third cd I bought is the limited edition clear cd with 2 live tracks and the Futureal live footage from 1999.

None of these releases contain a specific version of The Wickerman.

Now, I’ve heard an edited version a little bit shorter (4:16) with additional voices on the chorus. It is supposed to be a radio edit. I suppose this track was released in a promo version of the single.

Can anybody help and answer this question? :huh:

In case, can you provide the cd cover? :D


I heard a bootlegged version of the "Radio Edit" of the Wickerman with the different chorus.  I don't think it was ever an official release however.