New interview by Bruce. In German, translation needed...


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any of our German speaking friends feel like translating this or at least stressing out the intresting points? I have posted this interview on 3 Maiden forums, first one to get a decent translation will be reposted on the other forums as well so that people won't spend their time on translating already translated interviews...
Unimatrix @ IMOC said:
Thanks for posting! It kind of looks to me like just a translation of another interview that I already read somewhere in english, but I'm not sure. There's not much really new in it. I'll just list some things that MIGHT be new to someone:

- Bruce thinks Different World is the weakest track on AMOLAD and because of that he thinks it's good that it's the opener. He thinks it's a good song, but the others are superior.

- Bruce has signed a contract for three new solo albums. He works as a writer on some movie and will probably contribute to the soundtrack of it with a new solo album.

- 2008 the big festival tour with Powerslave set. We already heard that :)
Did the translation very quickly... there are probably some mistakes...anyway, enjoy!

Hey Bruce, you must be very proud of AMOLAD. Is it the album you always dreamt of since you rejoined Maiden?

"I think it's one of the best albums we ever did and I am very proud of it. Soundwise it's probably the best one we ever did. I'm a huge fan of Martin Birch (Producer of classics like NOTB) and his work, but I think this is just a great sounding CD. I think we never did anything this good before."

How long did it take making the album?

"It took three weeks to write it, three weeks to rehearse the songs and three weeks to record them."

That's the shortest production time in Maiden-History then?

"No, the shortest time we needed for NOTB. But we learned the songs on this one faster than anytime before. We needed 15 days rehearsing and another 15, 20 days for overdubs and the mix. But 15 days to learn them, record them after that and playing them live - that's incredible. Just take Nicko. It's outstanding, learning the drumparts in 15 days and recording them after that."

Was Paschendale sort of a test to see if Maidenfans would accept the more progressive style of songwriting?

"I think so. Something between Paschendale and Dance of Death was a good indicator to see where this would lead us."

Is AMOLAD a concept album then?

"It's not a concept album, which does not mean that some subjects of the album wouldn't be linked to one another. They are linked, but they are linked by the fact that we live in the world that we do. Yes, there's loads of songs about war and religion and similar stuff, but this is the case because we look at the world and these are the things that are happening. There's much fear and paranoia about life and death, religion and war and stuff. So a lot on the album is about that."

"Different World" is a classic Maiden opener. Why does the most progressive Maiden-CD start with a simple song?

"It just happened and I think it's good that it's the first track, because it's over faster.
It's not a bad track, I like the other ones much better personally though."

Back to your solo career. You just released the Anthology DVD looking back on your whole solo career. Is it the end of your solo career?

"No, definitely not. I think the label would be pissed, because I just signed a contract for 3 more albums. "Anthology" was supposed to be release two years ago, but it was held back all the time and now was the perfect time to release it. It's a great anthology, a good balace of pricing/content, because it's nearly four hours on there. I'm involed in a movie project where I'm the author of the whole thing and if that works out, I probably will have to do the soundtrack to that movie. So there will have to be another solo record!"

Tell me about Bruce Air 666: Do you fly Diehard Maiden fans to the gigs?

"We habe an all-inclusive package to Stockholm. You leave Gatwick, fly to Stockholm with flight 666, there's Maiden videos on board. Arriving there you go to the hotel, which is above the venue, there's backstage tours, photo sessions with me onstage."

During the show?

"No, no, before the show. They stay in front of the stage and the next day I fly them back to England. Real fun for everyone, which we are repeating a weak later in Milano. We fly fans from Stockholm in, two nights".

Did you ever think about re-recording the old albums from the DiAnno era to show how they would sound with Bruce Dickinson?

"Steve always wanted to do that, because he hates the production of the first albums. But I don't think we'll ever do that. We did that on B-sides and live recordings anyway."

You're friends with former drummer Clive Burr and support him where you can. What do you think about former Maiden singer DiAnno who's plundering his Maiden legacy for his solo career?

"I don't want to insult anyone by saying something bad about them. He tries to live his life like everyone does by doing what he does best: Singing. That's why I wish him luck. People know the difference between Paul singing Maiden songs and Maiden presenting Maiden songs. Clive isn't feeling well unfortunately, he's very sick. We try to ease everything for him as much as possible and to allow him to be creative. After leaving Maiden, we didn't see him often. We didn't spend much time in England and then we heard of this terrible disease (MS).
Then we came back together again, and he's still the same, but it's just terrible. But he have to live our lives and he has to live his life and we try to make him live his life the best he can."

Are there any plans for the "Early days" shows to be continued? Many fans are waiting for songs from the Powerslave era.

"2008 there will be the biggest Maiden festival tour ever and it will be the Powerslave set. We don't know if we will play every song of that album, because we have to play songs from the four following albums as well [technically, three], but it will be the Powerslave stage set. We will have it rebuilt, maybe a little bit bigger..."