Is LotB set


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Ullevi 2005 (Early Days) set list,

The only unforgibable fail of that tour's setlist was not including the track Killers (IMO one of the top 5 out of the first 4 albums with Phantom Of The Opera, Revelations, Murders In The Rue Morgue and The Number Of The Beast). Other than that huge mistake that tour's setlist was amazing! Also at the Ullevi show it's a pity Bruce's mic fails during the beggining of MITRM.


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Ullevi 2005 (Early Days) set list, the original Maiden England (1988) setlist are a few that immediately come to mind.

Although Ullevi 2005 featured some great songs, it also managed to omit some of the best tracks of the era being covered by the tour (Children of the Damned, The Prisoner, 22 Acacia Avenue, Flight of Icarus, Still Life or To Tame a Land come to mind).


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@karljant would probably have loved this one-off setlist on the World Slavery Tour (Maiden did apparently play an extended set as Twisted Sister were not able to open for them that day):

A bootleg of part of the show exists:

Legacy setlist for me would more spread out thru the years as far as tunes

If Eternity Should Fail
2 Minutes to Midnight
The Talisman
Children of the Damned
For the Greater Good of God
The Trooper
The Wicker Man
Run to the Hills
Wasted Years
The Number of the Beast
Iron Maiden
Hallowed be Thy Name