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el diablo

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I'm just joining this now and not totally sure of the rules but I like most of the songs remaining from the 1st two albums so here are my 5 least favorite of what I see on the list:
Prodigal Son
Children of the Damned
The Prisoner
22 Acacia Avenue

Night Prowler

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Voted for Remember Tomorrow, Killers, Purgatory, 22 Acacia Avenue, The Number Of The Beast and Run To The Hills.

Night Prowler

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Eliminated after Round 4:
Prodigal Son - 18 votes
Purgatory - 16 votes
Transylvania - 14 votes
22 Acacia Avenue - 13 votes

Promoted after Round 4:
Remember Tomorrow
Phantom Of The Opera
Murders In The Rue Morgue

Piece Of Mind joins the game!

7 votes max this time.


The dotage of a dotard
  • Children Of The Damned as the only holdover from previous votes.
  • Flight Of Icarus, Still Life, Quest For Fire, and To Tame A Land as all the other songs less than an 8/10 rating that are still eligible to be voted for.
  • Withholding my last two votes for now, because everything else is actually a great song, and with this whole promotion mechanic I don’t want great songs getting whacked while lesser songs already made it through.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Children of the Damned
The Prisoner
Quest for Fire
Sun and Steel
To Tame a Land

POM is an interesting album cuz a lot of it is classic (although it dips after “Still Life”), but songs like “Revelations” and “Flight of Icarus” became way better on Live After Death. The album versions are so tame in comparison. “Still Life” is one of Maiden’s most underrated songs and the best of the first four albums.


Free Man
What a massacre. I even had to kill a rating 9 song and my rankings are super strict, 5 is good.

Beast, Hills, Boots, Still, Quest, Sun, Tame.

Hills under the Sun.
Springtime your Quest; your Boots on,
To Tame a Still Beast.
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