Iron Maiden - artworks with Eddie

Derek Rigg's Project for Iron Maiden's 15th album 'The Final Frontier'. :)

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I like the simple design of Eddie (TFF cover design too) and the idea is great, but I don't think this would work. Too much stuff going on, I guess. And not as striking as the original one. Also, I think Eddie needed something extra for his design. The more ''space theme'' Maiden went for is better too. This would have been cool for an art in the booklet. I would like to see it colored. I doubt Derek spent that much time on it.
I really love that Maiden's world is tied in with visuals. Their music and lyrics are perfect for this. Artworks, backdrops, landscapes, just parts or signs. LOTB game also helps with this and if made more realistic it's almost like a drawing. The more Eddies the better. I wish every single album booklet (or song for that matter) was full of them. SJ's additional artworks are all amazing. I hope they will do that for the next album too.

^This is another reason why I want Maiden to play as much as possible different, rare (even obscure) or never played before songs live. Songs that on their tours (or for a video release) had no backdrop. Some examples:

Rime Of The Ancient Mariner (brand new epic one)
Phantom Of The Opera (brand new again)
Dream Of Mirrors (no backdrop in 2001 and it could be really cool)
The Parchment (it would have been epic artwork for sure)
Infinite Dreams (potential for a really interesting idea)
Lord Of The Flies (has a single artwork, but has the potential for something even better)
To Tame A Land (a special song)
Shadows Of The Valley
Ghost Of The Navigator
Out Of The Silent Planet
Different World
Still Life

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Rime Of The Ancient Mariner (we should have an artwork for it, it's a must!)



The 1986/87 show also had a backdrop for it.