How early should i get to the venue

I have ga tickets for this thursdays show in arizona, i wanna get there early enough to be up front on the rail  How early should i get there

Travis The Dragon

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If it were me, I would get there as early as I possibly could afford to and camp out.



I'll do that too.
Last time, in 2008, I was in the B zone, and I was very far from the stage, and I don;t wanna do that again, I wanna be as near as it's possible :D
I think I'll go there with a day before with my friends.


Eh, it is what it is.  I personally didn't care about missing them.  I actually cried during
No More Lies!

Travis The Dragon

"I sell shower curtian rings. BEST in the world."
ThorSkaagi said:
Eh, it is what it is.  I personally didn't care about missing them.  
I actually cried during No More Lies!  :eek:
And you actually want to get banned! :lol: That's cool that you got emotional at their show though! :rocker:


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No trouble dude. I have shed tears at Maiden concerts in the past.  Revelations gets me every time.  The song represents me as a person.  These guys are our idols, tears will be shed it's alright.  They bring  out emotion, that is part of there allure and greatness. Let it go man. Iron maiden are gods amongst men. Don't fight it, I don't.  Going to see Maiden is like a pre trip to heaven.  it is the most heavenly experience on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UP THE IRONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I cried during Hallowed Be Thy Name, in 2004 and in 2008 I cried on Revelations ("Moonlight catches silver tears I cry") and on solos of Rime Of The Ancient Mariner. Maiden Rules!!! \m/


good question actually, about how long prior to the opening time does the line tend to fill out
and in order to get a decent place standing how early is minimum?

all help is much needed and helpful   :lol:

with it opening up at half six how much of a terrible place will i have arriving at 2ish?
and any chance of getting the original t-shirt?
=/    unfortunately the earliest i could get over to dublin from manc


Sorry to beat this topic to death but its my first time seeing the mighty IM in the pit. I don't really care about being in the front but I want to be able to see everyone and be somewhat close (maybe 10-15th row...I've only done GA in smaller clubs and theaters so I'm not completely certain about how it works in ampitheaters). At the very least I do not want to be in the way back or the extremes of either direction. I'm thinking of waking up and getting to the VA show by 1-2 pm (doors are at 7 I think?). Do you guys who have done this before think I'll be ok? I'm going by myself and don't really think that camping out is a good option for me.


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There's no sense in getting there that early as I'm pretty certain they don't even open the parking lot to the venue until at least 4 or 5.

The pit at Nissan, err, Jiffy Lube isn't huge.  Just go in, jockey for position, wait for folks to leave for the restrooms or after the opening band and then stake your place.  I don't think getting there super early really gets you much unless you have FTTB.


im mainly bothered about getting the comemorative shirt so want to be close to the front, just wondering what kind of stock they have and if they'll last past those with the first to the barrier passes and their 30minute early admission...
Anyone with previous knowledge of how long the tshirts last, sorry about my cluelessness  :p