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It's a quite big album to take in all at once, so this morning I only listened once carefully to HOE. Now I can't get this damn melody from my head, it's been there the whole day, I'm talking about the verse melody when Bruce starts singing. It's so bitter and sweet, tragic and hopeful at once, might be one of the best ever :wub:
And then that chorus right afterwards, it's unbelievable. I got the same feeling like 34 years ago when I heard my first Maiden song and just couldn't stop spinning it in my head (and record player)

Murder of Rue Morgue

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Interesting composition choice by Harris here: inside his usual circular structure (intro = outro), he puts another one, inverted, being a riff (2:46) followed by a variation (3:01) which turns out is the verse melody, and then the first riff becomes the chorus melody. Good work. Old style Harris here.
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I'd like to know if Steve wrote the lyrics before the music or if they were even wrote in conjunction, the lyrics are really dark but the music is so joyful and uplifting, the contrast gives me a good chuckle.

anyway i've completly come around to this one what a fantastic track, another classic (in a good sense) Harris epic
Maybe it is a metaphor to people not giving a fuck about the state of the world and moral deconstruction of the western world and rather just focusing on their prosperity (happy sounding major melodies), while the lyrics are very dark and the climatic ending "Love in danger" lines are actually the realization of how things really are of a person who wrote the lyrics.


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I've found myself in tears at this song at least twice. Especially on the 'You dance on the graves who bled for us' into the 'Love in Anger' bit. I'm not quite sure why, but I would probably put it down to a combination of the lyrics, delivery, melodies preceding it and sheer happiness at new Maiden material. Plus that this may well be their swan song, but who knows what the future holds?


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Really like Dave's guitar sound on the lead melody from 3:01 and forward, good bottom.

(Some people might think it's Janick though!)

But Dave really made his mark on this album after all. 10/10.
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I keep posting on this thread but I keep coming back to this song. The section from when it kicks in to the end of the chorus is some of the best melodic playing the band has ever done. Easily the best since Blood Brothers and TTLBLAH. It is actually beautiful. That’s not a word I often use with Maiden.
I can’t really describe the feeling this song gives me. The melodies are phenomenal throughout, especially at the end. This song has to be in the set when they tour

It is a 9.99 out of 10, the one thing that doesn’t flow for me is the transition between the quiet bit before the first anger section, i think they are at different BPM or something and just feels a bit unnatural. A small section before it could make for a smoother transition. Just my opinion

but truly it is an amazing song


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Is it just me: the fading out ending makes me abit sad. As if it tells me: this was it, guys. The last song. :goodbye:


Is it just me: the fading out ending makes me abit sad. As if it tells me: this was it, guys. The last song. :goodbye:
The wole song is like that for me. When that melody kicks in at 2:46 I feel like I'm going for the last ride. And what a ride it is! Then, during the Life in danger part I can't think about anything other than the fact that these might be the last words sung by Bruce on a Maiden song, the band's final message. So yeah, I get very emotional listening to this track. Perhaps I'm being overly dramatic or silly, but what can I do. ;) I guess that's going to be the feeling until the announcement of the 18th album.

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I look at the lyrics in the opening half of the chorus and feel it was almost meant as a little wink wink nudge nudge thank you to the fans. With that, it'd definitely be a better swansong.

"I wish I could go back
I'll never be the same again
Bled for all upon this hell on Earth
And when I leave this world
I hope to see you all again
On the other side of hell on Earth"


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Anyone else feels like many of the lyrics sound like they are referencing the last thoughts and feelings Jesus Christ had before the crucifixion?

Edit: I don't know if it would work, but I wish, the chorus got repeated one more time before the end of the song. The melody is just so good, soooo goooood. Who knows. Maybe it is so precious because it gets repeated only 4x.