Fear of the Ancient Trooper

Dr. Eddies Wingman

Brighter than thousand_suns
Once upon the time, there was a thread where we combined words from song names just for fun.

So, run to the village and post yours!


Ancient Mariner
Stranger of the Madness Opera
Rime of the Seventh Gangland
Can I Play With Your Mother
Strange Quest for Gambler Blood

Black Thunder

Ancient Mariner
Brave New Talisman Runs When The Wild Wind Blows in his back, to find a Ancient Tamed Powerslave reading Revelations to the Children Of The Damned, he shouts: "Hallowed Be Thy Name!" while they are being Caught Somewhere Time, and are doomed to wander in the Sea Of Madness in their Infinite Dreams on the Isle Of Avalon.


Ancient Mariner
Maiden death:

I'd prefer the dead albatros on my neck, and then a long fight with a wrathchild and the rest of the children of the damned. Instead of ending their childhoods, they kick me to the beast, the prowler and the drifter who beat me straight to hell (heaven will have to wait).

There I'll find a temperature and a light, brighter than a thousand suns.
I'll be in the company of the Ancient Mariner telling his story to me, eternally, on and on, and on.... 
The Rime is his fate but also mine, forever.

*sigh* Only because I refused to look into the eyes of a stranger!

Well, since this is no option, I'll choose for Iron Maiden. I'll be tortured to death from hearing their album Powerslave, exploding out of the loudest sound equipment available.

Unknown One

I see the ghost of navigators.
Rime of the Hallowed Powerslave
When the Talisman King Blows
The Thin Sea Between Paschendale and Avalon
The Loneliness of the Damned Educated Stranger

Vap said:
Can I Play With Your Mother



How about

Hallowed Be The Number of the Beast?


2 Minutes to When the Wild Wind Blows?

This is a better name for the new "Best of 1990-2010" album:

Bring Your Fear... ...To The Dance of Death


Running 22 Acacia Avenue ( And no I'm not a pimp! ).
Die With Hooks In You.
Stranger In A Strange Sanctuary.
Fates Prophecy.
Only The Good Die With Your Boots On.


Ancient Mariner
Son Smoke Your Hooks on Weekend
Angel and the Hallowed Mercenary in Time
Damned Stranger Strikes Brighter than a Dream of Killers in Powerslave Sanctuary
Damned Stranger Strikes 2: Damned Stranger Strikes Back in the Hills of the Hallowed Alexander of Thousand Dance Exile Eagles
Sea of Ancient Prowler Mirrors