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Ancient Mariner
Yeah, I think all songs are solid. It's a really good album. The only thing is, it lacks the variety of the previous two records.


Ancient Mariner
I quite like Soul Intruders too. It's a bit generic, but good. The chorus is punchy.

However, my very favourite from the album is Navigate the Seas of the Sun. It's relatively simple, yet very beautiful song and in my opinion, one of Bruce's best vocal performances (on the softer side, anyway) since The Chemical Wedding. I'd love to hear that one live.

Purple, gold and blue
Living colors every hue
Flowers in the garden of the gods
No one can ever know
if you never saw them grow
but this darkness is really full of light



Here I sit in a serenade of glory!
TOS is an unlucky album. It has the task to follow two of the best metal albums ever!
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Out of the Silent Planet
For me, Navigate The Seas of the Sun and Kill Devil Hill, possibly along with the title track, are the peak tracks of the album.
My favorite songs from the album are: Abduction, Power Of The Sun, River Of No Return and Navigate The Seas Of The Sun.

I can also add Kill Devil Hill and Devil On A Hog.


Ancient Mariner
Ah, Devil on a Hog. I think it's ok, relatively catchy rocker that paces out the album rather well. Nothing mind-blowing, but fun. Wouldn't have been too much out of place if it was on Tattooed, Balls or even AoB. I always found the following section of the lyrics as mildly self-reflecting regarding Bruce's past struggles with Maiden. :D

I’m not the shy retiring kind
Like a supernova for the blind
I used to sit at God's right hand
But I quit that show to do my one night stands