BREXIT: You Decide!

How should Cried vote on Thursday?

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Ancient Mariner
Latest solution being suggested from the brits seems to be for Ireland to temporarily leave the single market and abide by UK rules.

:lol: Good luck with that!


The Living Flame
And how could I overlook it, Britain could also Brexit this whole sovereignty business and become provinces of a new Great Ireland. The UK is no longer part of the EU, but its former citizens retain all the benefits of EU membership! Win-win...?


Yorktown-class aircraft carrier
Staff member
I think the squabbles between the increasingly progressive Irish and the regressive DUP supporters would be hilarious, unless they were deadly, then it would just be terrible.


Ancient Mariner
I can't help feeling there's some very irresponsible stuff being said and done in the name of scoring cheap and short lived populist publicity wins alone.
You have just defined Boris Johnson way of acting with this sentence.

Edit: The buffoon needs to score cheap populist wins so he can continue seeing himself as a great statesman. In reality, he is just a deluded piece of upper class shit.
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Ancient Mariner
They are an initiation ritual into the Bullingdon club. First you fuck a dead pigs mouth, then you drag the stone of shame to the top of Mount Springfield and then in the final insult you have to eat working class food.