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    Queensryche & Geoff Tate

    Here. Tickets are like 15 bucks or so. Was three or so cameras used during the acoustic stream, so would expect the same. Stream was available for view 48 hours after start (meaning you could watch it during a window of 48 hours). I really hope this paid concert stream thing is here to stay, as...
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    Not as old as Gandalf...

    Happy birthday!
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    GREATEST METAL ALBUM CUP - League 11: Devon Metal League North & East Division - Matches 5-8 (UPDATED Sept 25)

    Yes, I seem to recall three of those fan girls posing for ridiculous group pictures (note; Not with Ghost, just lame Instagram "look at me" pics) on the way out of the venue. I could hardly contain myself.
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    GREATEST METAL ALBUM CUP - League 11: Devon Metal League North & East Division - Matches 5-8 (UPDATED Sept 25)

    Definitely not. He had us deciding between them playing two more songs or having the entire audience lined up after the show with him working through the que and screwing everybody, one by one. ... Bruce's "fuck Britney Spears" rant was poetry by comparison. :p
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    GREATEST METAL ALBUM CUP - League 11: Devon Metal League North & East Division - Matches 5-8 (UPDATED Sept 25)

    Ghost is a gret band. Seen them three times - Twice supporting Metallica (well, the first time was them just playing the slot before Metallica on a festival), and the last time they sold out the Globe arena in Stockholm, same indoor hockey venue Maiden played in 2006. It was an impressive show...
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    Queensryche & Geoff Tate

    This weekend Tate is doing a new streamed concert, featuring a full electric set of "Empire". He better sing the low stuff well this time around and not off key like he did in Gothenburg in January... Easier to get away with flat higher notes than off pitch lows anyway. The Empire material is...
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    How old are Maiden fans here?

    I'm 30, but the current state of the world makes me feel like 80. :p
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    Rant Thread

    Maybe they want to flip it?
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    USA Politics

    Comparing Mitch McConnel to a turtle is an insult to all past, present and future turtles.
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    Sounds just like my ads feed then. :D
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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

    Finished watching the Gamma Ray 30th Annviersary paid stream. The sound was in fucking mono. The only stereo was some weird modulated sine waves. I've emailed my complaints to the stream provider.
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    Adrian Smith

    I love Dave, but he's not a monumentally skilled guitarist. He's by far the least creative guitarist, composition-wise and playing development wise. Janick is a Blackmore style improvisation guitarist and some find that off in Maiden - Fine, that's ok. But he's not a bad player and he...
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    USA Politics

    They should use that as their campaign song.
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    Judas Priest

    I love Turbo. It's great. I love how Priest were and are constantly reinventing themselves rather than putting out the same album over and over. Priest were never afraid of experimenting. I mean, Turbo, Painkiller, Jugulator, Nostradamus.
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    Unpopular Maiden Opinions

    "Seventh son is the 4th best son. 7th son is the 4th best sooon" would make for a really shitty chorus. :D