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    Your favourite three album closers

    Hallowed Be Thy Name Alexander The Great The Legacy
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    rate all 17 Maiden albums best to worst

    Somewhere In Time A Matter Of Life And Death Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son Powerslave Brave New World The Number Of The Beast Piece Of Mind Dance of Death Iron Maiden Killers Senjutsu The Book of Souls The X Factor The Final Frontier Fear Of The Dark Virtual XI No Prayer For The Dying 11-15 are...
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    Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021

    A Dave guitar intro/outro to The Time Machine would have been awesome.
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    The Parchment

    There's a few really cool parts, but it does meander for a bit too long on thr same mid-tempo drum beat. I really wish it picked up the speed way before the final couple of minutes. I much prefer both TTAL and Nomad. Hopefully it will grow on me.
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    Hell On Earth

    I love that this particular new track seems to be the one fans can agree is something special. Most are even wishing it was longer (myself included). Very rare to see that for a reunion era epic! I've been listening to it nonstop, and just seem to enjoy it more each time.
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    Lost In A Lost World

    Am I the only one who really enjoys the chorus on this one?
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    Hell On Earth

    Some of 'Arry's best lyrics ever for sure.
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    Days Of Future Past

    I liked this song from the first listen, but it really clicked today. Can not wait to hear this live! 9/10
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    Hell On Earth

    The chorus is incredible! It's a shame it doesn't get repeated at least once more later in the song. Right now I have this at a 9/10, but it has the potential to reach perfect 10 status with time. Best song on Senjutsu for sure.
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    The one word that keeps coming to mind when I hear this song is "powerful"! I can't wait to hear this one live. Nicko is on fire here, and the heavy riffs and atypical for Maiden solos really make this a unique experience. Beautiful chorus and fantastic lyrics. I think this will make an awesome...
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    Days Of Future Past

    This is the best rocker since Rainmaker by far. Intro lead part is awesome and I love when the big riff comes in. Great chorus from Bruce! I'm not entirely sure about the soft post-solo bridge. It feels a little empty, like maybe another lead part or solo should be over it, but that's a minor...
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    The Time Machine

    The intro/outro here are pointless and are just a retread of the last few Janick acoustic openings anyways. The main part of the song is excellent though. Love the riffs, solos, vocals etc. It really feels like it should begin with the verse riff straight away and end before the reprise of the...
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    Darkest Hour

    I love Coming Home, but I feel like this will surpass it over time. Wonderful chorus and H's solo is fantastic. My only gripe is with Dave using the exact same specific phrase from his CH solo here as well. It really throws me off every time I hear it. Nevertheless a great song.
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    The Parchment

    This one is going to take a while to fully sink in, but I already really enjoy it. It's definitely the most epic track on the album. Reminds me a bit of TTAL and Nomad in that parts feel like a film score (minus the Beckett plagiarism as far as I know lol). 6 solos? Fuck yeah!
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    Lost In A Lost World

    This is actually my second favorite 'Arry solo track on Senjutsu. After all the negative reviews, maybe my low expectations for this one actually helped me enjoy it more than I would otherwise. The intro and outro, as others have said, are fantastic. But I also love the instrumental section as...