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    Synth metal?

    I would consider this synth metal. It's mentioned wiki article above.
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    How old are Maiden fans here?

    Been a fan since 2003. I was 11. Seems like there's a lot of fans around my age.
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    The Angel and the Gambler

    This song has grown on me a bit through the years. I changed my vote from 3 to 5. Gotta love the very 1998 video as well.
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    Best and worst opening bands you have seen.

    Buckcherry and The Raven Age. They both sucked.
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    Iron Maiden confirmed on the "Download TV Festival" - June 12-14

    Was Bruce this bad in any other shows on that tour?
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    New Iron Maiden studio album LEGACY OF THE BEAST

    Like I said last year, I wish...
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    Iron Maiden songs transformed to other genres

    Each song on this tribute/cover album is in a different style. It's pretty damn good and I think most of it is on YouTube. It's called Food for Thought btw
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    Best Albums of the Decade (2010-2019)

    Random Access Memories by Daft Punk is my album of the decade.
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    Hey, me too. SW VA is mostly unknown haha. I went to the Charlotte show though.
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    Iron Maiden News, Links, and Interviews

    If Nicko and the rest of the band are cool with it then I would be. Perhaps Nicko would play on the albums and they would have a touring drummer. Either way I think they can keep their integrity with a lineup change, even at this stage in their career. That being said let's hope Nicko (and the...
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    90's tour or not, I really want that History of Maiden part 4. I'd rather have a new album/tour than another history/best of tour anyway.
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    Question for people who want Maiden to tune down

    There's no shame in tuning down to preserve Bruce's voice. The band should realize this.
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    Question for people who want Maiden to tune down

    I don't think tuning down a whole step would change the sound much if their instruments are set up for it. I doubt few would notice. I would prefer the band stay in standard tuning, but if it alleviates Bruce's straining it might preserve his voice for the future. Ain't gonna happen though.
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    Adrian, Janick and Dave's guitars and Steve's basses

    I'm sure this video has been posted before. But if Dave is using a separate power amp and pre amp what exactly is the JCM 2000 being used for?