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    Less concerned about the reasons for the newer Opeth, as I'm not as familliar with them, although I'm voting to promote "The Devils Orchard" In regards to Watershed I'm voting to promote: The Locus Eater, Burden and Heir Apparent. Although I have back ups...
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    Bring on the Growls!!!! :edmetal::shred:
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    Judas Priest

    It is a really nice touch! Just listening to Live In Atlanta 1982 from the set, it is quite strong, Halford sounds strong than he did on the 1980 and 1981 recordings. That leaves the 86 and 88 live shows along with the compilation of random live and and studio outtakes to listen to. Well and...
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    Such a great song.
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    Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021

    1. Hell On Earth 2. Darkest Hour 3. Days Of Future Past/ The Writing On The Wall
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    Create a Setlist: Any band you want!

    Arch/Matheos Neurotically Wired Midnight Serenade Straight and Narrow Stained Glass Sky Never In Your Hands Incense and Myrrh Tethered Any Given Day (Strangers Like Me) Pitch Black Prism On The Fence Kindred Spirits Wanderlust --- Guardian Relentless Vermillion Moons
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    Best New Music - 2021 edition

    2021 has had some really great releases overall my current top 10 list is below, dashes signify large gaps between them. I really need to give those outside of the top 3 another good listen. Dream Theater - A View From The Top Of The World Iron Maiden - Senjutsu Mammoth WVH - Mammoth WVH...
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    Favorite Album From Each Year

    Seeing as it has been over a year and some of these have changed. Previous lists were almost soley based on the percentages from Random Album reviews and 365 albums in 1 year. This list is a bit more in regards to looking at my list of albums and thinking what do I listen to the most. Live and...
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    Black Sabbath Bootleg: "The Priest Comes To The Sabbath" ft Rob Halford
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    Judas Priest

    Listening to the Denver show from 1980, it features the live debut of Living After Midnight. The show itself has a lower recording volume, I think this was early in the tour as Halford doesn't sound super on it vocally. It is a good show but it defintely shows their change in sound quite evidently.
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    Dream Theater

    Just finishing up my first listen through of the new album. I believe the first two singles are the weakest tracks but I quite like the rest, the first part of the title track is excellent, the rest is still strong but not quite as good for my taste, it feels its length in spots. I like...
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    Judas Priest

    Only listened to 3 of them thus far. 79' Mudd Club was absolutely phenomenal, Victim of Changes and Beyond The Realms of Death from that one are unreal performances. Deliving The Goods and Green Manalishi from that show was also great. Short show (only 48 minutes or so) but a high quality one...
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    Judas Priest - Live In Los Angeles 1990 (50 Metal Years Box Set) Judas Priest - Live At The Mudd Club 1979 (50 Metal Years Box Set) - Beyond The Realms Of Death is unbelievably good here.
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    Battle of album singles: Powerslave vs Somewhere in Time

    Somewhere In Time, frankly 2 Minutes to Midnight is a track which I rarely want to hear. Aces High is on par with Stranger In A Strange Land for amazingness however Wasted Years in my opinion is only rivalled by Hallowed.
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    Judas Priest

    50 Heavy Metal Years box set arrived yesterday, it looks great, some of the CD cases have the tracks in the wrong order for the live shows, which I find somewhat funny. Haven't had a chance to give it all a listen but the package is pretty great overall. One issue is the 2CD albums packaging is...