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    The Concert Thread

    In the last while I've been to 4 shows, The Killers, Def Leppard/Motley Crue/Poison/Joan Jett, Roger Waters and Eagles. All were great shows, although I could have done without Crue's antics but that comes with seeing them I guess.
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    The Concert Thread

    Their set looks amazing, I really wish they had come somewhere close enough for me to see. Although I'm surprised there isn't in the set.
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    Your favourite songs for each decade

    Top 3 starting with most. 80s: Wasted Years, Hallowed, Aces [HM: Phantom, Rime, Powerslave] 90s: Fear Of The Dark, The Clansman 00s: For The Greater Good Of God, Paschendale, Dance Of Death [HM: The Wicker Man] 10s: Hell On Earth , Book Of Souls, The Talisman (Live)
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    Best Song Contest- Round 2, Part 11

    Sadly the prophecy of sky gods, while incredible does not overcome the insanely catchy approach of Hell On Earth
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    PLEASE NOTE: Here is the list of opening bands requested by the MaidenFans Forum, so

    Dylan is the only one who gets my vote and I would love to see this set: Hurricane When The Ship Comes In Shelter From The Storm With God On Our Side Masters Of War Like A Rolling Stone Forever Young A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall Blowin In The Wind The Times They Are A-Changin Desolation Row All...
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    Best Song Contest- Round 2, Part 9

    Both are phenomenal, but I listen to FTGGOG more.
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    Black Sabbath - The Sabotage Tour 1975 (From Sabotage Super Deluxe Set)
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    Create a Setlist: Any band you want!

    UFO: C'Mon Everybody Mother Mary Heel Of A Stranger Venus Only You Can Rock Me One Of Those Days Anyday We Belong To The Night Natural Thing Out In The Streets Love Lost Love Doctor Doctor Everybody Knows The Way The Wild Wind Blows Love To Love Lights Out Rock Bottom Encore: Let It Roll Too...
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    Best Song Contest- Round 2, Part 4

    Voted Hallowed, however Rime would be a worthy winner.
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    Best Song Contest- Round 2, Part 2

    Phantom deserves better. Hallowed
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    Grim Reaper - Show Must Go On RIP Steve Grimmett
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    The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones

    I personally prefer the Stones, never been a huge Beatles fan, although I do intend on looking into their discography one day.
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    Dream Theater

    Honestly the only albums I'm not fairly into are: The Atonishing, When Dream and Day Unite, Self Titled and Falling Into Infinity. Basically all of the other albums I quite enjoy I've been meaning to do a discography run through again, although T.A. will not be included. I'm also a sucker for...
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    Create a Setlist: Any band you want!

    An Evening With Nightwish Dark Chest Of Wonders End Of All Hope Storytime Where Were You Last Night Ever Dream Shudder Before The Beautiful Elvenpath Elan Alpenglow Angels Fall First Sleeping Sun Nemo Last Of The Wilds Last Ride Of The Day She Is My Sin Stargazers Shoemaker Ghost Love Score ---...