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    Official Star Trek Thread

    Well, that is the point really, I haven't stumbled upon any "meaty ST" parts to make me want to continue watching (I did watched the season final the other day.). Main reason for diminishing my enthusiasm is the format of the series, but I guess they can't do anything about that really. You...
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    Choose your metal quarantine house!

    Torn between 2 and 5. If it was short term (like I would know the quarantine ends in 14 days) then definitely 5. As someone said, it would be a glorious mess. On side note, I'd like to have people from house Nr 2. as neighbours, they seem like a friendly-helpy folk.
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    Your Maiden blasphemy

    Yep, at the end of the LAD I had a feeling I was watching it with french fries being deep fried next to me. Stretching it throughout the gig completely killed the momentum.
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    Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

    It makes sense only if artists plans to tour the new album right after its release. Otherwise, it think it would be smart to release at least something if this theory that there will be no new concerts until summer 2021. The world will soon return to "everyday life" but with possible...
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    Official Star Wars Thread

    I'v managed to finish Episode IX and instead of thoughtfull review, I'm going t o make a long-ass list of everything I didn't like in the movie (in no particual order):
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    Official Star Trek Thread

    Is anybody watching (has anybody watched) Star Trek: Picard? I'm 7 episodes in and... that thing doesn't resemblance to Star Trek, let alone Picard. I won't go into spoilers but everything is so off I don't have a feeling I'm watching a series set into Star Trek universe. Now, if they plastered...
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    Small flaws of good bands

    Do you even like Black Sabbath?
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    Re-reading (again) Desnis's Lehane Mystic River. It's funny how Lehane broke every rule (plot-wise) and yet, it works magnificently. Also, Eastwood's movie take on it is also amazing. I really wish they did more of this who-done-it movie adaptations.
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    Dislike the Artist, but Like the Song

    Nirvana - The Man Who Sold the World (from MTV Unplugged) KISS - Strutter (probably because of GTA: San Andreas)
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    While there are good points, in both defending and attacking Virtual XI, in my case, it all comes down to this: Blaze. Now, now... I don't want to provoke "you Blaze basher!" brigade. I honestly don't think he's a bad singer, I don't think he did a bad job, I don't think he butchered the...
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    What is the best song that was never played live by its original performer? (Iron Maiden excluded)

    *Spambot stands up, starts clapping slowly but loudly. And yes, this: I don't think people realize how much of a material there is in between their tour in '66 and rooftop performance in '70. You could make a killer setlist just out of those 4 LP-s: Sgt. Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour, White...
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    What are your favorite / funniest / weirdest posts and threads on MaidenFans?

    That's some serious love/hate relationship right there. Actually, the whole post is one big "That escalated quickly" meme.
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    What do you do on those 2 minutes of silence at the end of Triad?
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    Small flaws of good bands

    Too late, it's done. Likewise. Regression is a good one, tho. It has that Pink Floyd's Pigs melancholic note, is a great way to start an album and lead into Overture, but those two Through-s. Nope. And speaking of real blasphemies - Spirit Carries On does nothing for me.
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    Dream Theater

    OK, I guess 'filler' was a wrong word to use, so overlooked, I guess? I still do need to dig deep into their back catalog but except the hits, I don't think I've encountered or stumbled upon rest of them being mentioned as their top tier. Only other one I remember on I&W is "Wait for Sleep" and...