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    Metal Essentials I: Grandfathers of Metal (1970 - 1975) - FINAL ROUND - Zeppelin vs Sabbath

    To be honest, I was quite unfamiliar with BCO, so when Mosh announced this game 2 months ago, Secret Treaties was the first album I went to listen to. And at first listen, I didn't like it at all... Maybe it's because of the opener. I'm more into melody than lyrics, but Career of Evil was so...
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    Favorite Album From Each Year

    Fixed, thanks!
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    Favorite Album From Each Year

    Ah... There are certain years that are a bit poor so I've decided to name some albums which are not even my favourite from a band but I wanted to make a nod to certain bands (Blind Guardian and Motorhead for example) Here it goes: 1970s 1970 – Uriah Heep: Very 'eavy… Very 'umble 1971 – Pink...
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    South Park

    Yeah I remember that one. They have a bunch of those Coon and friends episodes at the end. Anyway, I believe we watch it for different reasons and find different things funny. What do you think about seasons previous to last one (mainly 20 and 21). To me, that's when they hit rock bottom...
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    Forgot about Remission. I think the main reason why I'm not drawn into their earlier albums is that muddy production of the guitars. I don't have time anymore to listen it on my system at home so everything sounds a bit crunchier than usual.
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    Forgot about Unforgiven 3, yeah it's likely going to get played. And yes, Unforgiven 2 is a joke. Playing all 3 would be a waste of time.
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    Meeting Iron Maiden

    Nobody gonna suggest stalking around Guillaume studios in Paris right now? Two flies with one gun....
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    South Park

    Couldn't agree less. Last season was better than previous 2-3 combined. Youtube episode was good (I saw it about month or two ago on Comedy Central) but they now (same as then) base episodes on things which are viral/popular at the time. The fact that I (and you probably) don't spend much time...
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    I still didn't dig deep enough into first few albums. I found out about them when The Hunter came out and fell in love with that album. Once more 'round the sun was a bit dissapointment when it came out so I started to hook upon Crack the Skye. Emperor of Sand was on constant rotation whole year...
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    Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

    3 days have passed and we still don't know the mystery behind the San Pelegrino bottle... Scooby Doo, where are you? And get that piano out of the studio! RIGHT NOW! Actually, their PR machine is impressive, but for the opposite reason. I too remember "the Wilson fiasco" and how they handled...
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    I think some newer songs (Broken, Beat and Scarred and Atlas, Rise for example) could work really, especially if strings parts of the orchestra are not just following Kirk. To be honest, original S&M is 50:50 for me. While there are some songs which grew on me especially because of that album...
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    I don't know, I just can imagine it. The song doesn't really fit their style, there are probably several Zeppelin songs which would suit them perfectly. Morseso, I'm not saying Stairway is holy deity that shouldn't be touched, but there is reason why it isn't covered that much. But again, it's...
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    Blind Guardian

    Yep, had a similar situation, and that indeed is frustrating. What I also noticed a lot of people gets frustrated in UK is those "only UK show" deal you get with Download, Bloodstock and some other festivals. I know that pissed a lot of people of on official Maiden forum. I'm gonna give "Live...
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    Dream Theater

    So that's two votes for Six Degrees... I gave it a spin last weekend and I've like what I've heard. It's not like anything stuck to my ear yet, but there's a lot going on there. @Lampwick 43 Interestingly, I did listen The Astonishing when it came out but I doubt I've managed to listen the whole...