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    Please post reviews and thoughts on Senjutsu here

    Finally got around to listening it. Maybe it's because I'm not as madly into Maiden as I was five or so years ago, but this album feels a little underwhelming on the whole, definitely not the worst in my view, but sort of underwhelming, whereas I still maintain Book Of Souls is their best album...
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    GREATEST METAL ALBUM CUP - Winner: Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son!

    Can only judge the bottom two matchups, as the rest I've yet to listen to. There's an argument to be made for Persistence of Time to being Anthrax's second best album, whereas other than the novelty of KISMABIG being the first Megadeth album, there's not much standing out there, other than a...
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    The Legend of the CHEESEVIVÖR - INCORRUPTIBLE BATTALION BATTLES 5&6 (Updated 06.12.20)

    Brothers of Metal has been a band I've been binging as of late. They're the sharpest of cheddar.
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    Just had a shower thought/semi unpopular opinion: Lars is not that bad a drummer. I'm not saying he's Bonham/Peart tier, but I think most of the backlash towards him either comes from the Napster controversy or the overuse of snare drums in St Anger. And Justice is still pretty much tied as my...
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    Legacy of the Beast Tour 2018 - CONTAINS SPOILERS

    I am absolutely gobsmacked they haven't played Flight Of Icarus since Somewhere on Tour.
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    Judas Priest

    I think the only album that comes close to Firepower post-Painkiller is AoR. Jugulator is underrated, albeit too inconsistent to rank highly on my rankings. I agree with LC, this would be a good place to maybe call it a day, especially with what Tipton's dealing with. Hill and Halford are the...
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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

    When someone asks you what your favourite Maiden song is without Bruce, just tell them it's Losfer Words, and gauge their reaction. (it's not actually my favourite non-Bruce song for the record)
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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

    I didn't end up going to London 2017, but I did go to the Cardiff show. Ultimately, me and my friend decided not to take the risk after the terrorist attack in Manchester a few days earlier, which in retrospect, was kind of a premature move.
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    European Politics

    This seems eerily reminiscent of Bosnia. Europe has enough problems going on as it is, it really does not need this.
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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

    It's been a while, hasn't it? Glad to see the 100,000 post mark is now in plain sight.
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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post I'm seeing Maiden twice this weekend, and I know others are too, so this must be very alarming to us all. Security should be maximised for the next week though, which is something.
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    European Politics

    I'm sorry, Flash. Try and get out when you can.
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    METALLICA SURVIVOR 2016: Results - Fade to Black wins again

    Power ballads are Metallica's speciality. FWTBT is a great song also, but doesn't quite have the engagement value for me. Also, the song Ride The Lightning is really underrated here.
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    Random trivia

    Is Japan one of them?